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Check-in Let's listen and talk: The Chronicles of Narnia

Facts and fiction Prince Caspian

Prince Caspian

A. While standing on a British railway station, Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy Pevensie are magically whisked away to a beach near an old and ruined castle. They determine the ruin is Cair Paravel, where they ruled as the Kings and Queens of Narnia, and discover the treasure vault where Peter’s sword and shield, Susan's bow and arrows, and Lucy's bottle of magical cordial and dagger are stored.

Susan's horn for summoning help is missing, as she left it in the woods the day they returned to England after their prior visit to Narnia. Although only a year has passed in England, centuries have passed in Narnia.

B. The children intervene to rescue Trumpkin, the dwarf, from soldiers who have brought him to the ruins to drown him. Trumpkin tells the children that since their disappearance, a race of men called Telmarines have invaded Narnia, driving the Talking Beasts into the wilderness and pushing even their memory underground. Narnia is ruled by King Miraz and his wife Queen Prunaprismia, but the rightful king is Miraz's nephew, Prince Caspian, who has gained the support of the Old Narnians.

C. Miraz usurped the throne by killing his brother, Caspian’s father King Caspian EX. Miraz tolerated Caspian as heir until his own son was born. Prince Caspian, until that point ignorant of his uncle’s deeds, escaped from Miraz's Castle with the aid of his tutor Doctor Cornelius, who schooled him in the lore of Old Narnia, and gave him Queen Susan’s horn. Caspian fled into the forest but was knocked unconscious when his horse bolted. He awoke in the den of a talking badger, Trufflehunter, and two dwarfs, Nikabrik and Trumpkin, who accepted Caspian as their king.

D The badger and dwarves took Caspian to meet many creatures of Old Narnia. During a midnight council on Dancing Lawn, Doctor Cornelius arrived to warn them of the approach of King Miraz and his army; he urged them to flee to Aslan's How in the great woods near Cair Paravel. The Telmarines followed the Namians to the How, and after several skirmishes the Narnians appeared close to defeat. At a second war council, they discussed whether to use Queen Susan's horn, and whether it would bring Aslan or the Kings and Queens of the golden age. Not knowing where help would arrive, they dispatched Pattertwig the Squirrel to Lantern Waste and Trumpkin to Cair Paravel; it is then that Trumpkin was captured by the Telmarines and rescued by the Pevensies.

E. Trumpkin and the Pevensies make their way to Caspian. They try to save time by travelling up Glasswater Creek, but lose their way. Lucy sees Aslan and wants to follow where he leads, but the others do not believe her and follow their original course, which becomes increasingly difficult. In the night, Aslan calls Lucy and tells her she must awaken the others and insist they follow her on Aslan’s path. When the others obey, they begin to see Aslan's shadow, then Aslan himself. Aslan sends Peter, Edmund, and Trumpkin ahead to Aslan's How to deal with treachery brewing there, and follows with Susan and Lucy.

F. Peter, Edmund, and Trumpkin enter Aslan's How; they overhear Nikabrik and his confederates, a Hag and a Wer-Wolf, trying to convince Caspian, Cornelius, and Trufflehunter to help them resurrect the White Witch in hopes of using her power to defeat Miraz. A fight ensues, and Nikabrik and his comrades are slain. Peter challenges Miraz to single combat. Miraz accepts the challenge, goaded by Lords Glozelle and Sopespian. Miraz also feels his pride is on the line. Peter and Miraz duke it out old-school style with swords and armor. But their duel is cut short when two Telmarine lords, Glozelle and Sopespian, betray and stab Miraz in the back (literally). The Telmarines fight the Narnians, but with Peter and Edmund in command, the Narnians beat them back to the river.

G. Wait, but what were Susan and Lucy up to during all this? Well, they were with Aslan invading the town of Beruna. With the gods and creatures of old, they scared off the Telmarines who were scared of the old ways while accepting others into their fold. Victory and success! Caspian becomes King of Narnia, and the Old Narnians can again live freely in their land. Aslan allows the Telmarines who wish to remain in Narnia to do so, but teleports the others to an island in our world. As for Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy, they have to return to their own world, too.

For Peter and Susan, it's bittersweet as Aslan says they’ve become too old to return to Narnia again (a.k.a. too tall to ride this ride). It’s hinted that Edmund and Lucy will return one day, though. And with that, they return to the railway station and the promise of the coming school year after one last summer adventure.

1. Before you read: The title

Look at the title of the book. What do you think it is about?

2. The plot

a) Read the story and match the characters with the information about them.

Lucy Pevensie

is the oldest of the Pevensie siblings who is High-King of Narnia.

Edmund Pevensie

is the second oldest of the Pevensie children. She uses a bow and arrow.

Peter Pevensie

is the rightful Telmarine King, who becomes King of Narnia.

Susan Pevensie

is a talking mouse who freed Aslan and was thus given the gift of speech. He is a fearless swordsman and supporter of Aslan and Caspian.

Prince Caspian

is the youngest Pevensie child who is the first to see Aslan again.


half-dwarf and half-human, is a tutor to Caspian and aids in the Narnians' defeat of the Telmarines.

Doctor Cornelius

is the Great Lion, who created Narnia.


is the third Pevensie child. Unlike his older siblings, he trusts Lucy's sighting of Aslan.

b) Listen and check.

3. Watch Prince Caspian

Discover many virtues of its characters. As you do, fill in this table. You may need to lode up some of these words in die dictionary. Soy os in the example: Peter shows courage when he …or Reepicheep is humble when he…






King Miraz
























4. For my folder: A succession of actions

a) Read the story and make a list of action words, e.g. determine, discover.

Action verb


Who /what did that?


were whisked away

Peter, Susan, Edmund, Lucy



the ruin


b) Talk about the events expressed by the action words.

c) Draw some pictures to illustrate these events.

d) Exptoin to your friends why you have chosen this part

5. Match

Match the characters with their descriptions. Listen and check your answers.

1. Peter Pevensie


… is a cruel leader with no compassion or honor.


… is the High King of Narnia and is a natural leader.

2. Prince Caspian


… has to make a quick escape from his home in the middle of the night.

3. Lucy Pevensie


… possesses a diamond flask containing a healing cordial.

4. Miraz


… is a dwarf who is killed when a fight breaks out after he tries to introduce dark magic as a means of acquiring power.

5. Edmund Pevensie


… brought his flashlight with him into Narnia and is an accomplished warrior and leader.

6. Trufflehunter


… is a badger who remembers the ancient ways of Narnia.

7. Nikabrik

8. Aslan


…created the world of Narnia.

5. Aslan

Aslan, also known as the Great Lion, is the creator and one true king of the world of Narnia, and generally a representation of all that is good.

a)Read the poem and describe Aslans' character.

"Wrong will be right when Aslan comes in sight,

At the sound of his roar, sorrows will be no more,

When he bares his teeth, winter meets its death,

And when he shakes his mane, we shall have spring again…”

From The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, by C.S. Lewis

b) Read the text about Aslan. What can you add to the description?

As he appears in Narnia, Aslan is a large, talking lion, who is terrifying, magnificent and beautiful all at once. He appears in different sizes to different people, although he himself never changes; as people grow in wisdom and character, they can perceive more of his greatness. Aslan is very wise, and a powerful force for good, but as Narnians often say, “He's not a tame lion.”

He is dangerous, and an unconquerable enemy, but he is unquestionably good. Aslan is the one true king of Narnia; all of its inhabitants have faith in him, and obey him absolutely. Generally, he comes to Narnia to aid its leaders and heroes on important missions for external and personal peace, and to protect it from various evils. He watches over Narnia constantly, although he does not choose to solve all of its problems for its inhabitants. Aslan also periodically brings humans from Earth, both to help Narnia, and to teach both peoples important lessons.

6. Creative essay

When the Pevensie children arrive in Narnia unexpectedly, they have a few items with them from England, such as Edmund's electric torch, their lunches, a pocket knife, and some matches. Write an essay in which select three items you would want to have with you if you were whisked away to Narnia and explain why you chose those items.

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