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Skills in actio Letters and e-mails

1. Letters and e-mails

Look at the two texts. You can see which is an e-mail and which is a letter.

Read die skills boxes and explain the difference to your partner.

Hi, Josh! I just wanted to tell you about yesterday - I had the most embarrassing moment in my life! I was in the Blue Parrot Deli with Susi. Mel came in but I didn't see her. She sat behind our table. I told Susi how great she looked and asked her if she wanted to go to the movies with me. She was surprised. "What about Mel?" she asked. And I said, "Oh, that's over." Suddenly Mel was there at our table. She threw her milkshake all over my new T-shirt and walked out. What do I do now?

I know you are older and wiser* 1 than me. Bye, Todd

2394 East Boulevard

Los Angeles, CA 90126

June 14

Dear Todd,

Thank you for your e-mail. I can understand why you are worried and I’ll try to help. I know that I am your older brother but I am not always wiser. I met a girl last week at the station. Our train was late so we started talking. It was so interesting that we missed the next two trains and I arrived home at midnight. I sent my girlfriend, Tania, a text message to say that I couldn't get home earlier because there were no trains. I didn’t say a word about the other girl.

The problem was that Tania was on the first train. She was surprised when I didn't get on. And she was really angry about the fact that I lied to her.

Maybe you and I need to be more careful or more honest! If you really like Mel, then you shouldn’t do anything to hurt her. I hope this helps. Write and let me know what happens.

Best wishes,



Planning a letter

1. Write your address and postal code.

2. Write the date.

3. Then comes Dear + name.

4. After coma you begin a new line with a capital letter.

5. Give a reason why you write.

6. Start every new idea with a new paragraph.

7. Finish your letter with closing remarks.

8. Then write your name.


Planning e-mail

1. Hi or hello and a first name

2. The first word is capitalized.

3. Name one reason why you write.

4. Closing remarks.

5. Your name.

1wise [waız],

2best wishes [best wıʃtz]

2. Most embarrassing moments

a) Read one of the two e-mails which kids sent to a youth magazine in California. Your partner reads die other one.

b) Tell your partner about the embarrassing moment. What happened? Use the pictures to help you.

Embarrassing moments!

I was on my bike, on the way home from school. I wanted to be a pop star and I started to sing my favorite song - it was really loud. I imagined that the bell on my bike was a microphone.

I threw back my head and closed my eyes - suddenly the bike hit a car. It was outside the house of a boy in my class.

I didn't hurt myself. But I looked up. He was there at the door with another boy from my class. I felt like a real idiot. Emma, LA Near the end of the homecoming dance I went to the bathroom.

When l got back, everyone had a partner for a slow dance. There was only one person who was alone. It was our new sports teacher. She asked me to dance and I couldn't say 'no'! Just imagine! I was only five feet two and she was over 6 feet tall. My friends all started to laugh and I couldn't dance because I was so embarrassed1.

Jose, San Diego

3. Letters to a magazine

a) Think about an embarrassing moment which you or a friend had.

Write three or four sentences about it Use the skills box to help you.


1. Where did it happen?

2. Who was there?

3. Who said what?

4. What happened?

b) Write a letter or e-mail to a magazine. Tell them about the embarrassing moment Use die skills boxes on the opposite page to help you. Have you forgotten anything?

1embarrassed [ımbærәst]

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