Підручник Англійська мова 9 клас (5-й рік навчання) - Т. І. Бондар - Методика Паблішинг 2017 рік

Unit 5 The world speaks English

Language 1: The present perfect progressive

1. Diego's diner

Diners are very popular with New Yorkers for breakfast, lunch, and for snacks at any time. Diego has been working in his own diner for two years now. But it is hard work.

He has been cooking since seven o'clock this morning and four hours later he still hasn't had a break. Look at the pictures and decide which sentence describes which picture.

A. I hope these eggs are not mine. You left them on that plate five minutes ago, and since then they’ve just been getting cold there.

B. Where are our breakfasts? Come on! We’ve been waiting for fifteen minutes already.

C. Mmm! Delicious! Your bagels are the best, Diego! That’s why I’ve been coming here since January!

D. Er… Oh, this is hopeless. I’ve been trying to get his attention since I came in, but the waiter doesn’t notice me!

E. Hey, Diego. Someone put these three dollars on the counter for you ages ago. If you don’t want them, I’ll take them!

2. Describe the situation in the diner

a) Put the correct parts together and write the sentences down.

b) Look at the examples of the present perfect progressive. How do you form this tense?

3. Find the rules

Look at the time phrases in your sentences from exercise 1. Compare the words and phrases that are used with for and with since. Explain when you use which preposition.

4. What do Diego's customers say to each other?

1) Find the correct answers and complete them with for and since. Listen and check. Example: 1. Be patient! We've only been waiting for a minute.


Where are our eggs and bacon? …


Mine too. It's been giving me loud signals O hours.


Do you want another bagel, too? …


Be patient! We’ve only been waiting O a minutes.


Hm. I can't decide what to order….


I know. It’s been raining O the last five minutes.


My stomach is really empty….


No, thanks. I’ve been trying not to eat them O last Friday.


Poor Diego looks tired….


Come on. You’ve been looking at them O … ages.


Hey! Am I late?…


No wonder. He’s been working …O early this morning.


Look! It's wet outside now….


Yes! I’ve been standing here O half past twelve.

b) How long have some customers been coming to the diner? Make sentences with since.

Start: I’ve been coming here since Diego opened the diner.

Student B: I've been coming here since I…

5. Mark's story

a) Complete the correct present perfect progressive forms with for or since.

Diego / open the diner/ • I /start/ to work in the area • I /discover the delicious bagel • the diner in the next street / close • a friend / first ring me (any more ideas?)

"I was bom in Ukraine but I (live) in Canada … 2014. My first language is Ukrainian, but I (speak) English …a long time. My business is good; it … (grow) fast… I started it. I (work) here …two years now, and some customers……. (come) …the first day. I am so busy that I… (look) for an assistant …Christmas.

My wife has her own job. She (drive) Sky trains …ten years, and she enjoys it. Our kids are still too young to help. Anyway, they dream of other jobs… they started to think about the future. Elena wants to be a dancer. She (dance) …she was able to walk. And Rob is crazy about basketball. He (play) on the school team … two years already.”

b) Soy how long you and your family or friends have been doing things. Example: We’ve been travelling since Monday.

6. How to: Get someone's attention

Make dialogues for these situations. The useful phrases can help you to start.

Example: 1. A: Over here, please! I'd like a glass of juice. - B: Sure,…

1. You are trying to get a glass of juice on a plane.

2. Before you can pay for a ticket a man pushes in front of you.

3. You aren't the only one who wants to talk to the guide.

4. You are in a restaurant. So far the waiter hasn’t noticed you.

5. The assistant in the travel agency is phoning a friend.

6. Everyone is asking the star to sign their program. You, too!

Useful phrases

Excuse me!

Over here, please!

I'd like to order, please!

Hey, it's my turn!

Just a moment!

Could you please help me?

b) Look at the pictures and decide which sentence (1-6) describes the picture.

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