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Unit 5 The world speaks English

Facts and fiction: What Australians think about Americans

1. Before you read

a) Think what you know about the USA and Australia including big cities, weather, people, sports, interesting facts, flora, fauna, nature, and food.

b) Read the text and compare if you have that information on your list.

What Australians think about Americans

A. Now being Australian I have to admit that I still don’t believe anywhere really beats the Australian coast, but I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that America’s coastline matches it. You should see the stunning scenery down Oregon highway 101, or Big Sur in California, or the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

B. In Australia, college football is huge and cheerleading is a sport. I’ll never forget rocking up to my first college football event in the US and the stadium was full of about 40,000 screaming fans. The whole town was there. Not only that but there were brass bands, baton twirlers, and cheerleaders. Now these cheerleaders are not your run of the mill pom-pom shaking girls you might find at half-time in Australia - they are expert acrobats.

C. Many students you meet at US universities are from other parts of the country. It seems something of an American tradition to broaden one's horizons by applying to study in a different state. This is handy because it allows you to meet people from all over the country in a short period of time. But at the same time, I met many Americans who, once their studies were done, were happy to settle somewhere and not travel again, despite having never left the country.

In contrast, Australians tend to go to university in their home city, and embark on an international trip during a gap year or over summer or once studies are finished. I seem to run into Australians wherever I go in the world. Many of them have never travelled outside their home state within Australia though!

D. There are so many levels of eating out in the US. There are three main “food groups” I miss when I’m back home in Oz. The hamburger, for one thing, is a national art form and you can get it everywhere. The crispiest bacon, the freshest ingredients, cooked exactly how you like it, my mouth is watering just thinking about it. I also miss American style barbeque. If you've ever been to a Buffalo Wild Wings you'll know what I mean. Ribs, wings and fries with barbeque sauce. And celery sticks and iced tea. Yes, yes, you can get this sort of food anywhere in the Western world but again, you can’t get it as good anywhere as the US has it.

(And this is coming from a guy from a country with a strong barbeque tradition).

E. In Australia, or at least in Sydney, a stranger that talks to people randomly is safely (and sadly) assumed to be insane, or annoying. In America, everyone talks to you. It’s the norm. I love that. Americans that I met at work or college would be instantly inviting me to parties or on snowboarding trips. Some of those friends have given me more love and support than I ever knew back home in Australia. Also, America is the only place where I’ve sat in a park (in Portland), feeling glum and lonely and depressed, and had a homeless man walk up to me in his rags and say “Don’t worry man. Everything's going to work out.” That blew my mind.

F. They have loads of dangerous animals but worry about Australia's snakes and spiders. In the US, you can be gored by a grizzly bear, trampled by a bison, tom to shreds by a coyote, or bitten by a bobcat, yet they kept asking me how I deal with Australia’s “dangerous wildlife'! Yeah, those kangaroos and koalas are pretty scary...

G. The Internet is fast... really fast. The US has the best internet in the world. And why not, since they invented it. And nobody from the internet company will ever ask you how much you need your download limit to be. It's always unlimited. Brilliant. I realize though this says more about the shoddiness of Australian internet than anything else...

What Americans think about Australians

A. Australia is called the land down under because it is below the equator. It is one of the seven continents of the world. It is also a country. The first people to live in Australia were aborigines. Aboriginal means first. They were like first Native Americans. Today there are still aborigines in Australia. Some live on reservations, some live on ranches (called stations or property) or in cities. You can see some examples of their beautiful art if you visit Australia.

B. Australia is like the United States in many ways. Most people live in or near cities. They speak English. Australia is made up of six states and two territories. It is about the size of the United States (not including Alaska.) Canberra is the capital of Australia.

C. The weather in Australia is warm and pleasant. The warmest months in Australia happen when it is winter in the United States.

January and February are the warmest months, with average temperatures between 65° and 70° F. June and July are the coldest months, with an average July temperature of about 50° F, except in the Australian Alps, where temperatures average 35° F.

D. The middle part of the country is called the outback. The outback does not get very much rain and is very dry. Not very many people live in the outback. In the outback, there are some sheep and cattle ranches (property). There are about ten times more sheep than people in Australia. Sheep are raised for wool and for meat. In Australia, what Americans call a ranch is known as a station. Stations are very big. Some stations are so big they have to use planes to keep track of the animals. There are not many schools in the outback. Children who live on stations and cannot get to school use a two-way radio to hear their teachers' lessons.

E. The most famous animals in Australia are marsupials. A marsupial is a mammal that has a pouch to carry its young. Some kangaroos can jump 30 feet. The koala sometimes stays in the same tree for days and is endangered. The Great Barrier Reef is also in Australia. It is made up of coral and algae. Corals are tiny invertebrate animals. The Great Barrier Reef is about 1250 miles long. There is a channel of water that separates the reef from the Queensland coast. It is the largest deposit of coral in the world. It is also the world’s largest living structure.

F. Captain James Cook claimed Australia for England in 1770. It was first used as a prison colony by the English. The first free settlers landed in Sydney in 1793. Today Sydney is Australia's largest city. The Sydney Opera House is one of the most unique buildings in the world. Australia’s national sport is cricket. Cricket is a little bit like American baseball but it is played with eleven players and wickets. Australia won the Cricket World Cup in 1999 and 2003. Another favorite sport in Australia is Australian Rules Football. It is a little bit like soccer and rugby. Rugby and soccer are also extremely popular. Australia is also famous for the boomerang. The aborigines used the boomerang as a weapon. Today, children use it as a toy.

2. Similar and different

a) Read the text and fill in the table. If you don't have necessary information look in the textbook Year 7 for Ukraine or search the Internet





melting pot

down under / Oz


first people



the warmest month

the coldest month

farms (names)


national sport



it is famous for

a) Compare or contrast the three countries. Use the phrases from the box. Follow the example.

Example: The warmest months in Australia are January and February, while in Ukraine they are the coldest.

English is spoken in both Australia and the USA.

People are generous in Ukraine. The same is true about the USA and Australia.

to contrast

to compare



in contrast

both Ukraine and the USA

opposite to

the same is true about





3. Writing texts: Your own idea

a) Work alone or with a partner. First choose a country. Then use books or the Internet to find facts to present the country. Write a short text of 8-10 sentences for your folder.

b) Use your text from a) and prepare a “Did you know poster?“ for your class room. Use photos or draw pictures that go with your texts.

c) Imagine you have a travel club meeting. Present the country you would like to go to.

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