Підручник Англійська мова 9 клас (5-й рік навчання) - Т. І. Бондар - Методика Паблішинг 2017 рік

Unit 6 Exploring the world

Language 2 The simple past passive

As you can see we form the passive with the verb to be in the past simple was, were and the past participle of the main verb.

e.g. The book was written in 1999.

e.g. The students were taken to the library yesterday.

1. When, why, what, and how?

a) Read the information telling you about the history of vehicles.

A. A horse and buggy (in American English) or horse and carriage (in British English and American English) refers to a light, simple, two-person carriage of the late 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries.

It was drawn usually by one or sometimes by two horses. It was also called a roadster. It was made with two wheels in England and the United States, and with four wheels in the United States as well. It had a folding or falling top.

B. The early type of electric motor was invented by a Hungarian in 1828. He created a tiny model car that was powered by his new motor. In 1834, the first electric motor was invented in the USA. This motor was installed in a small model car. The Flocken Elektrowagen of 1888 by German inventor Andreas Flocken was regarded and is still regarded as the first real electric car of the world.

C. The Twentieth Century Limited was the flagship train of the New York Central & Hudson River Railroad (NYC&HR).

It was created by George H. Daniels. Daniels was a marketing wizard: the NYC&HR as America's Greatest Railroad was branded by him in 1890.

Red-hatted porters, or ‘redcaps’, to assist passengers with baggage for free were introduced in 1896. Books and magazines advertising resorts and sights along railroad routes were published. The dining car and depot restaurant food and service were re-imagined.

D. Who was the first to fly an airplane? Credit for being the first to fly an airplane was given to Wilbur (1867-1912) and Orville Wright (1871-1948). Four controlled flights were made in a powered vehicle on Dec. 17, 1903. The unique feature of the Wright brothers' aircraft was that the wings were rolled right or left, the nose was pitched up or down, and yawed from side to side.

b) Find the sentences with the past simple passive and write them in your notebook.

2. Buses in London

a) London celebrated the year of the bus. Read a paragraph from Kevin's history essay about history of buses and put the verbs in brackets into the past simple passive forms.

As we know the year of the bus (launch) by the Mayor of London three months ago. Buses have a long and interesting history in the capital. Buses were not always red. Before 1907, buses (paint) in different colours to tell their route. Fierce competition between bus companies (win) by London General Omnibus Company (LGOC). It became the biggest bus operator in the capital. In order to stand out from the competition their buses (paint) red. Then numbers on the buses (introduce) to signify different routes. The Routemaster bus is symbolic of today's London.

b) Research history of the bus in your city and write a paragraph.

3. Hotel amenities for teens

a) Change the sentences in the past simple passive.

It’s a great time to be a teen at Four Seasons Hotel Boston.

On arrival, guests ages 13 to 19 got a card with a code and a URL that both led to Virtual Amenity website. They chose a drink, a snack and a prize there. To claim their amenity, teens simply called In-Room Dining. There teens placed their complimentary order. The hotel delivered it in 20 minutes or less.

4. Preparation is over

Your parents and you finished preparing for the holiday just a minute ago. Preparation took so much time but you want to check it again and write who did it and when it was done.

Example: book a hotel - mother - a month ago

The hotel was booked by my mother a month ago.

confirm the check-in time at a hotel - father - a week ago

book the flight - father - a month ago

confirm the flight time - father - yesterday

buy snacks - mother - yesterday

check luggage number and weight restrictions - mother - yesterday

check luggage fees - mother - yesterday

do laundry and/or dry cleaning - I- yesterday

check the weather conditions - I- yesterday

pack up all of the items in your bags - mother - yesterday

5. For my folder: Transport in Ukraine

Write an e-mail to your friend answering the following questions.

1. What was the first transport in your place?

2. When did the first bus/trolley/tram appear in your location?

3. What was the fare 20/10/5/1 year ago?

4. What other facts can you tell about transport in your place (bus models, size, challenges)?

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