Підручник Англійська мова 9 клас (5-й рік навчання) - Т. І. Бондар - Методика Паблішинг 2017 рік

Unit 6 Exploring the world

Everyday Englrsh: No time for boredom

1. No time for boredom…

a) Listen to the hotel ad and complete the gaps.

Even in rain the holiday is great fun in our hotel! Look forward to a superb programme, to great excursions, adventurous experience - all while making new friends. Even in bad weather there is always something to do: in our huge indoor play arena on 1.600 m2, the largest indoor playground of all hotels in Austria you will find all sorts of attractive leisure facilities: football, ,hockey, rampoline with 3 fields and the list goes on. We intentionally do not offer any electronic entertainments or digital screens.

• Generous sport offer in the hotel: indoor and outdoor tennis, beach volleyball, beach soccer, professional selection of bicycles (free hire), perfectly well equipped gym (from 15 years), archery.

• Hotel cinema with attractive up-to-date film programme.

Wi-Fi everywhere in the hotel.

• All year round leisure activities’ programme specially for teenagers 35 hrs a week from Su-Fr and also in the evenings.

• Various archery pares, climbing schools, scooter downhill in the valley.

b) Discuss with your partner why the holiday in the hotel is great fun.

c) Choose one activity from the list and explain to your partner why you like it.

Some phrases in the box below can help you. Use phrases like 7 would rather"

“l prefer", "l would like".

Example: I would rather play on a trampoline because I really enjoy making ups and downs. I like exercising.


To have a family adventure in the forest.

To keep in touch with my friends through social networking sites.

It's my sport because I'm not the competitive type. Archery lets me go at my own pace.

I hate walking.

I am a cycling enthusiast. I like how the electric bike masters every ascent with little effort.

We often use words like prefer, would prefer, would rather to talk or ask about preferences.

I prefer living on my own. Would you prefer to see a movie or go to a club? Would you rather go shopping with me?

2. Let's listen: At a bus station

a) Listen to the dialogues and correct the information.

A: Can I help you?

B: Yes, please. Is there a bus to London?

A: Yes, every other day.

B: What time does it leave?

A: At 8:00 a.m.

B: And what time does it get back?

A: About 9:30 p.m.

B: How much is the fare?

A: Twenty pounds.

B: Can I book a seat for this Thursday?

A: Certainly. That’ll be twenty pounds, please. A: Here you are.

B: Thank you. Here is your ticket.

A: Does this bus go to the park?

B: No, you have to get off at the church and take a 19.

A: Can you tell me where to get off?

B: It’s the next stop but one.


A: Do you go to the seafront?

B: No, we only go as far as the museum, but you can walk from there.

A: How much further is it?

B: It’s quite away yet, but I’ll tell you in good time.

b) Act out dialogues with your partners.

c) Make up your own dialogues asking about the direction in your place, where the bus goes, about the fare, where you should get off? Be polite.

3. Let's look: A tourist's day

Look at the map and the pictures. What did the tourist do/see/visit and when?

Start like this:

At eight o’clock he ate breakfast in his hotel in…. At….

4. Let's listen: Essential travel luggage items

a) Before you listen: What are these pictures? Example: Picture A is a…

b) The travel agent is talking about essential travel luggage items. Listen and look at the pictures. Has she talked about all the pictures?

c) Listen and read the sentences. Practice reading to your partner.

1. You are always allowed to carry on one suitcase and one ‘personal item’ such as a purse, laptop bag, briefcase, or backpack. Really, that ‘personal item’ can be anything you want, as long as it can fit under the seat in front of you. (And really, nobody will stop you from stashing it in the overhead compartment if there is room).

2. The carry-on usually sees the least wear and tear because you’re the only one who ever handles it. This item is the top priority for travelers, and the best part is that you don’t have to worry about baggage carelessly tossed around.

3. A large wheeled suitcase should have durable wheels and a retractable handle. But unlike a carry-on, your suitcase is not limited by the airlines’ size requirements. Since you’ll check this item, you need to worry more about weight than size.

5. Let's talk: Ordering a walking tour

Read and act out a dialogue. Change names, dates, places, and appearance.

Kim: Hello, Kim speaking, can I help you?

Danny: Yes, please. My name’s Danny. I’d like to go on a walking tour of the city.

Kim: Great! There’s one every Monday morning and I’m the guide. Danny: Where do people meet?

Kim: At the entrance to the central bus station at exactly eight thirty. Danny: How will I recognize you?

Kim: I always carry a sign that says ‘WalkingTours’.

Danny: What do you look like?

Kim: I’ve got long black hair. I’m tall and I always wear big, yellow hat. Danny: Thanks. It won’t be difficult to find you. See you tomorrow.

6. Let's play: join our walking tour!

You're a walking tour guide. Invite tourists advertising the places you are going to take them to. Be ready to answer their questions: how early someone should arrive for their tour, where tours start and how one can get there, which eateries (eating out places) they will visit, if you offer team building activities, if you offer tours for small groups, if you have walks specifically for children?

7. Mediation and Communication

Donald, a British student, wants to go on a sightseeing tour of your town. He is very interested in people and history, and he's hoping to have some fun on the tour. Tell Donald which of these tours would be best for him and why?

Join Cherkasy walking tours!

Tours are organized from 15 May to 15 September.

In English on Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun.

In German on Tue, Thu, Sat.

In Ukrainian on Tue, Fri, Sat.

Start time 11:00. Meeting point: Wedding Palace.

Bus tours for our guests!

Big Bus Tour is the perfect introduction to a city.

You’ll enjoy panoramic views of our finest churches and old buildings, including…

During the tour, you can learn about the history of the city through our digital personal commentary, which also highlights the top attractions and landmarks of significance.

Explore the city in a city tour taxi!

You will make your own route.

It is easy to book.

You might use your digital tour guide. However, we advise to listen to our taxi drivers who will tell you hundreds of personal stories about the history of our city.

8. For my folder: My favorite route

Think of your own route. Write a list of places you want to show and explain why.

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