Підручник Англійська мова 9 клас (5-й рік навчання) - Т. І. Бондар - Методика Паблішинг 2017 рік

Unit 6 Exploring the world

Words in action Ticket types

1. A quiz: London or New York City?

a) Read each sentence. Is it about London or New York City?

1. There was a terrible fire in 1666.

2. The city has got five boroughs.

3. There’s an island with a museum on it.

4. You can see a famous clock from a capsule.

5. There’s a famous tower which is over 900 years old.

6. You can see a big statue of a woman with a torch.

7. There’s a very rich and famous family in a palace.

8. It's got a huge park with lakes and fields, e.g. for baseball.

b) What are the names of the things which are underlined?

c) Now write more quiz sentences for your partner.

2. Ticket Types

a) Tickets are of different types. We need to have tickets when we use public transport going to places in the city or travelling between cities. We buy tickets to travel by bus, by trolley, by underground, by tram, by train, and by plane. Look at die pictures of different tickets and tell how tong they are valid?

b) Read the information and decide about pluses and minuses of these tickets.

One-way Ticket

Dav Pass

Monthly Pass

Valid for use within

Day passes are

The Monthly Pass is valid for

four hours of the date

honored for

use for the calendar month for

and time sold. One-way

unlimited travel

which issued. Monthly passes

tickets will be honored

within zone

are used for unlimited weekday

for one-way passage

limits. Valid for

trips between zones indicated

away from the point

use through the

on the pass. On Saturdays,

of origin, including

last train on the

Sundays and holidays, the

stopovers / transfers,

service day on

pass is used for unlimited trips

within the zone limits.

which sold.

between all zones.

3. Discounts

These are some rules for giving discounts to certain categories of customers in the USA. Can you get a discount?

Senior / Disabled / Youth / Medicare Cardholder

Full fares will apply to all customers 19 years of age or older except those who qualify for an Eligible Discount ticket, which is approximately 50 percent of the full- fare price. Conductors and fare inspectors may request proof of age or eligibility.

4. Match

1. Senior

a) a discount for field trips or big group of friends at

2. Disabled

a 10 percent over regular fares.

3. Youth

b) customers 18 years old or younger.

4. Medicare cardholder

c) customers who have a Medicare card.

5. Group Sales

d) customers 65 years of age or older.

e) customers having a valid identification of disability.

5. In a picture

a) The words below can be useful if you want to say what's in a picture. Find their opposites from the box on the right.

behind • below • on the right • on top of • in the background • at the bottom • outside

b) Use the words to describe the pictures in exercise 3, p. 121.


Discuss the history of vehicles.

Talk about buses and routes.

Prepare for the trip.

Use different types of the tickets.

Describe your travel impressions.

Use effective reading strategies.

Describe how transport developed in the UK and Ukraine.

Plan your day in a new city.

Talk about your luggage.

Describe sights in New York City.

Advise your friend on his or her future travel.

Plan your vacation activities.

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