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Підручник Англійська мова 9 клас (5-й рік навчання) - Т. І. Бондар - Методика Паблішинг 2017 рік

Unit 6 Exploring the world

Revision 3: The present perfect progressive, the simple past passive

1. Have or has?

Complete the sentences with have or has.

1. She been asking questions all day long.

2. They... been climbing the mountain for two days

3. We... been washing the dishes since 9 o’clock.

4. You ... been repairing your computer for a month.

5. It ... been snowing since morning.

6. The boy... been playing in the snow all day.

7. Cathy ... been dreaming to visit Australia since her childhood.

8. Cindy and Bob... been studying English for an hour.

2. Since or for

Decide whether you have to use since or for.

1. I have been waiting... 4 o'clock.

2. Sue has only been waiting six … years.

3. Tim and Tina have been learning English … 20 minutes.

4. Fred and Frida have been learning French … 2015.

5. Joe and Josephine have been going out together …Valentine’s Day.

6. Mary has been saving money to go to New York … many years.

7. You have been watching this channel … hours.

8. We have been living here … 2 months.

3. Negative sentences

Write negative sentences in the present perfect progressive.

1. We / not / in the mountains / walk _________ .

2. Beatrice / not / in Boston / teach __________ .

3. Ricky / not / the car / wash _______________ .

4. She I not / a poem / write ________________ .

5. We / not / tea / drink ___________________ .

6. We / not / our rooms / clean ______________ .

7. The children / not / on the floor / sleep ______ .

8. Jeff and Linda / not l cycle ________________ .

9. Christine / not / her home / decorate _______ .

10. The cat / not / on the chair / lie / all day ___ .

4. Questions

Ask questions with how long and since when.

He has been working in this company since 2010._______ .

I have been waiting for you since two o'clock.__________ .

He has been playing tennis for five hours.___________________ .

He has been leaning English for five years.__________________ .

She has been working for the travel agency since 2014.________ .

5. Passive Voice

Choose between the active and passive forms of the verb.

1. The Cape of Good Hope ... (discovered / was discovered) by Bartolomeo Dias.

2. The clown ... (entertained / was entertained) the public.

3. We ... (arrived/ were arrived) at the camp in time.

4. Many experiments ... (did/ were done) under water.

5. Many people ... (invited / were invited) to the festival.

6. They... (discussed / were discussed) many exciting things.

7. I... (learnt / was learnt) many interesting things in this unit.

8. What artist... (painted / was painted) this picture?

6. On your own

Put the verbs in brackets into the correct past passive or past active tense.

1. We (visit) by our teacher.

2. My friend Paul (bear) in Dallas.

3. She (go) to school in Boston.

4. Antony (grow up) in the country.

5. The new shopping centre (build) last year.

6. The film (produce / not) in Hollywood.

7. Barbara (blow) James very well.

8. We (spend / not) all day on the beach.

9. They (visit) their granny.

10. The pictures of the mountains (take) during the holiday in the Himalayas.

7. Shakespeare wrote Hamlet.

Write the sentences in the passive voice.

1. Shakespeare wrote Hamlet.

2. Columbus discovered America in 1492.

3. Anna painted the Wilsons' house.

4. The American team won the cup.

5. Philip took a picture of the sea.

6. My parents read 'Da Vinci Code'.

7. My mother saw Mike.

8. My brother found a purse.

9. My uncle drew a beautiful landscape.

10. Mary and Alice brought a cake.


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