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Unit 7 Home and away

Language: If-dauses

We use the present simple form in if-sentences (clauses) and future in the main sentences (clauses). This means that the event in the main clause only takes place if the condition in the if-dause is fulfilled.

If they visit the ranch, the boys will see…. If you go …, you'll have….

If you don't like …, you won't (will not) enjoy….

Ecotourism in Ukraine is the best way to spend time actively

If you are a romantic person, you'll enjoy horseback riding trips. You can rent horses almost in every village for a horse-riding trip in the Carpathians and get horseback riding lessons. The most common breed here is called “hutsulyky”. Although these horses are calm, you’ll need a pair of cowboy boots. Or you can explore caves. In order to explore safely, we will teach you some important skills. If you have been bitten by a climbing bug, our qualified instructors will teach you how to climb safely. Make sure you wear a helmet. In the evening, you will enjoy a cup of herbal tea sitting at a campfire and chatting. But whatever activity you choose, you and your family will never forget your vacation in Western Ukraine.

1. Two different holidays

a) Look at the holiday brochures. Choose activities you would like to visit. Why?

b) What activities do you usually do in your area on Easter?

2. Let's talk: Which holiday?

a) Look at the brochures again. Which holiday is better for two young adults, for pupils on a class trip, for a family with kids? What do you think? Why?

b) Which place would you like to visit? Why? Discuss with a partner.

3. If they go to Lviv,…

a) Look through the brochures again on page 136 and find all the 'if'-clauses in them.

b) Tymur is 18 and his brother, Mark, is 15. They are thinking about a holiday together in Lviv. If they go there, what will it be like? Match the sentence parts.


If they visit Lviv,…

… he will learn how to dance the crooked dance.


If they don’t like to dance,…

… he’ll go to a chocolate factory.


IfTymur goes to the dance,…

… he won’t buy any chocolate. He will take a master class making it.


If Mark doesn’t like chocolate,…

… the boys will enjoy many different events.


If they are interested in singing,…

… they won’t go there. They’ll paint eggs.


If Tymur wants a chocolate egg,…

… they’ll learn haivka.

4. Role play: Dancing or horse-riding?

Bruce and Mark are trying to decide where to go.

One of you plays Bruce, the other plays Mark.

Bruce: Well, ecotourism sounds good.

What do you think?

Mark: Well, yeah, but we’ll get really dirty.

I think the festivals in Lviv sounds better. We learn so many traditions.

Bruce: Yes, if that’s what you want.

But if I can, I’ll climb the canyon!

Mark: Oh, yeah! Me, too!

Bruce: OK, so I guess it’s ecotourism, then, eh?

Ecotourism Lviv festivals

need a helmet • have to learn to crooked dance • learn a lot of climbing skills • find out all about the mountains and caves • listen to boring stories • join a master class in chocolate making • go on camping trips • visit a singing festival L take part in park entertainment programs … • go horseback riding - take a bus tour • have lots of…

5. For my folder: 'Selling' a holiday

a) Make a poster for a dream holiday (or one of the holidays in the brochures) with the activities which you can do there.

b) Show the poster to your class and 'sell' your holiday.

Who ‘sold' their holiday best?

If visitors come to Lviv/…, they'll….

If you go to …, you won't….

If you love riding/spectacular views/…, you'll….

If you want to …, we'l I teach/take you….

If you don't like …, we'll….

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