Підручник Англійська мова 9 клас (5-й рік навчання) - Т. І. Бондар - Методика Паблішинг 2017 рік

Unit 7 Home and away

Everyday English Home for Thanksgiving

Home for Thanksgiving

1. Let's talk: Times and distances

The US is huge. So a lot of people travel long distances to visit friends and family, for example, for the most important holiday in the US - Thanksgiving.

a) Look at the map above. How far is it from Seattle to Miami? And from LA to NYC? Ask your partner more questions like these about distances.

b) Look at the time zones on the map.

Ask your partner about the difference in time between cities in the US. Example: If it’s 9:30 p.m. in Denver, what time is it in Chicago?

c) Look at the map and the info in the grid.

Talk about how you can travel from Denver to other cities. Use the phrases below.

How far is it from Denver to... ?

How long does it take by plane?

What if I go by car?

It's about ... miles/km.

It takes ... hours.

It's much longer - It takes about... .

Denver to ...

by car*

by plane*




Los Angeles






New York City



*in hours and minutes

d) Discuss the distances in Ukraine (by car, by bus or by train). How far is it from Kyiv to your place? Or from Kyiv to Lviv?

2. Travel troubles

a) Read the e-mail (A) and the advert (B). Complete the sentences below with the best word.

A. I just saw the weather report on TV. Do you really have snow up there in Colorado? It's over 80 degrees here in New Mexico. They showed pictures of the chaos on the Interstates. And lots of flights are delayed. By the way, you'll be one of 56 million Americans who are traveling home for Thanksgiving tomorrow! So don't get lost!

1. Both texts are about

a. Colorado.

b. Thanksgiving.

c. motels.

2. Text A describes the

a. TV.

b. way.

c. weather.

3. Text B describes a place to have

a. a breakdown.

b. a turkey.

c. pancakes.

3. Mediation and communication: Turkey Hotline

You find this info about Thanksgiving on the Internet. Your younger brother reads it, too. But he doesn't understand everything. Answer his questions.

Tomorrow is the 4th Thursday in November!

That’s right: It’s Thanksgiving! So do you have everything planned for the special day without stress for your family? No?

Well, let’s look at the problem: This year the big dinner is not at your grandparents’ home. For the first time it’s your mom’s job to do the cooking for the whole family. But like many Americans she never cooks. So what should she do with the 201b frozen bird which she has just bought?

Tell her not to panic! If she phones us at the Turkey Hotline’, we’ll tell her how to thaw, cook and serve it So tomorrow you can all relax and remember the first people who came to the US from England on a ship called the ‘Mayflower’. That was in 1620 and they had the first ‘thanksgiving’ dinner then.

1. What will take place on the 4th Thursday in November?

2. I came across the word ‘problem’. What is the problem?

3. This is not a chicken in the picture, right?

4. What is the ‘hotline’?

5. What happened in 1620?

6. Why is the holiday celebrated?

4. For my folder: A special holiday

Thanksgiving is a very special holiday for many Americans. What's the most important holiday for you and your family? Do you hove to travel anywhere for it? What do you do on this day? Write five sentences about it.

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