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Unit 7 Home and away

Facts and fiction: Traveler's diary

Traveler's diary

A. Couple of days ago I came back from a really good trip to Ukraine. When I was telling everyone about my plans they were really suspicious and concerned about my safety, just like it was with my recent trip to Iran.

After all media keep telling us how Ukraine is a war zone these days and we all remember the tragic story of Malaysian Airlines flight shot down. So is it safe to travel to Ukraine?

B. Is it safe to travel to Ukraine? In short: YES! I always thought that Ukraine is one of the safest countries I’ve been to. I don’t have a good explanation for that but I’d guess it's due to the fact that this country isn't that spoiled yet. People are friendly and open, good and less busy there. I know now it’s just simplifying but that’s how I see it. While in the Western world people spend their free time in shopping centers or behind the computer screens in Ukraine it's more about being outdoors and hanging out with friends / family.

C. Anyway, I’ve been to Ukraine four times now and I don’t recall even one situation when I thought something was wrong and when I felt in danger. Of course, like always and everywhere, use your common sense in every situation. If you feel unsafe, don’t push yourself to keep going. I, for example, don’t feel very comfortable walking in the evening in new places but never had this problem in Ukraine. No one really bothered me on the streets but when I asked for directions or the right bus there were at least few people around willing to help me. Sometimes I didn't even have to ask and they were already helping. Ukraine really is a welcoming country, only maybe with bigger problems that anywhere else. But tourists won’t feel the difference from other places in the region.

D. How is travelling around Ukraine? Of course, on the big and busy train stations, you need to be extra cautious and keep your belongings close but still I haven't seen any suspicious people. Same goes for the bus stations where it’s trickier as you also need to find your bus (but there'll be always someone willing to help you). From Kyiv to Lviv I took a night train and traveled in the cheapest class. My ticket for 8 hours' journey cost around 140 UAH /5€/$7 so almost nothing. The ticket also included bed linen and tea. I don’t know how familiar you’re with platskart, the type of the carriage without any compartments, like open space with beds. Actually, it feels much safer as there’re so many people around it's almost impossible to steal something. Besides every carriage has its own guard (conductor). My train was fully booked but already at 8pm everyone was in bed and at 9.30pm all the lights were turned off and people went to sleep. My only concern there was how safe sleeping on the upper bed it is. There was no protection and I was full of fear I would fall down. But after all I had a really good sleep there!

E. Accommodation in Ukraine. In Chernihiv and Kyiv I stayed in the hostels and I had a feeling I was the only tourist (and especially foreign tourist) there yet both places were full. It looked like people were living there. I figured it out from some kitchen conversations. But then I read somewhere that in bigger cities in Ukraine these days it’s cheaper to stay in the hostel dorm than to rent a room in the flat. So many people who came to work, live in those tourist- orientated places. It's kind of unusual for people travelling but I didn't have a problem with that. I always stayed in single rooms and it was pretty reasonable. Just one last word: this post shows my impressions and experience from the visit in Ukraine last year. If you decide to go I can guarantee you won’t regret it! Ukraine is really amazing! I’m already trying to plan my next trip there. I want to return to Kyiv really badly and explore more of its culture better!

1. Before you read

Is it safe to live in Ukraine? Is it safe for foreign tourists to visit our country? Why?

2. Places and action

a) Read the story and add action words to describe the following places.

b) Describe how jack, the author, felt in different places.

Example: Jack felt safe in Ukraine because there was nothing to worry about.

c) Describe Ukrainians as jack perceived them.

Example: Ukrainians are friendly; they are always ready to help.

3. The best experience

What part of jack's diary do you like die most? Why? Make a mind map to help you to describe this part.

4. For my folder: Going places

Imagine you are going on an adventure trip to Chyhyryn. What places would you like to see? Write about your trip there. These questions can help you.

How would you go there? Why?

Where would you like to stay? Why?

How long would you like to stay? Why?

Would you like to meet your peers in Chyhyryn? Why?

How would you contact them?

What would you like to see there? Why?

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