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Unit 7 Home and away

Try it out Seneca's story

Seneca's Story

My name is Seneca and I am an English teacher living in Kiev. I arrived in Ukraine for the first time one year ago. Was life in Ukraine similar to that in America? I had no idea, but when I told my friends and family I was moving here, everyone said. “Bring a coat. It’s going to be very cold!”

A colleague also told me that I shouldn’t smile when walking down tire street. In America, we are known for smiling a lot. “People will think you’re crazy, if you smile so much in public,” my colleague said. I had never been to the region before, so I didn’t know if this was true. To be safe, I decided it was better to keep a serious expression hr public. Imagine my surprise when I saw Ukrainians smiling and laughing with friends and family everywhere around town! People always smile at me here, especially when they want to practice their English.

I also quickly learned that family is very important to Ukrainians. In fact, it is common here for young people to live with then families longer, even until they get married. This is very different in my country. American children often leave their parents’ home when they are 18 years old, sometimes moving very far away from then family to go to college. After they leave, parents may send then children small packages filled with treats and gifts to remind them of home. But in Ukraine. I soon learned that parents often fill an entire suitcase with fresh vegetables from then village and send it on a train to then children in the big city. How intriguing! Ukrainian parents really love to take care of their children.

A Reading

1. Understanding

Read the text and choose the best answer from 1-3.

a) Her friends advised her to bring

1. an audio guide

2. a laptop

3. a coat

b) To be safe she decided

1. to walk with friends.

2. to be serious

3. to learn about Ukraine.

c) In Ukraine the families

1. are of great importance.

2. are neglected.

3. are talked about.

d) American children become independent

1. when they are 16.

2. when they are 21.

3. when they are 18.

e) American parents

1. are like Ukrainian parents.

2. may send some little gifts to their children.

3. never send anything to their children.

e) Ukrainian parents

1. are loving, protective, and caring.

2. never call their children.

3. are very busy.

2. Right or wrong

Read the text again. Decide which statement is true or false.

a. This is Seneca's second visit in Ukraine.

b. Her friends were much concerned about her.

c. Seneca followed her friends advice to avoid smiling in public.

d. Ukrainians like smiling and laughing with friends and family.

e. Young people in Ukraine live with their families until they are 17.

f. Small packages filled with treats and gifts remind children of home.

g. Ukrainians are not family oriented.

B Language

Find the phrases in the text with the same or similar meaning

a. I came

b. I had no clue

c. You are nuts

d. speak English

e. It's a tradition

f. food si

C Listening

Listen to the text and find eight changes to it

D Speaking

1. Skills

Collect opinions about the place you live in, the local people, the scenery and landscapes, places of interest, famous landmarks or sights in your area. Make a list of things

the place you live in

the local people

the scenery and landscapes

places of interest







Hill of Glory

The Dnipro


2. Role play

You are interviewing some residents in your place. You want to know if:

They are proud of the place they live in,

Why they feel special about this place,

What makes this place outstanding,

How they can improve the place.

E Writing

1. Your opinion.

Do you think the place where you live is great for foreign visitors? Why? Why not? Write two reasons.

2. A list of things-to-do

A cousin who lives in Canada is planning to see you and your family in Ukraine. Write a plan of things -to-do with your cousin. Explain what you would like to show him and why.

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