Підручник Англійська мова 9 клас (5-й рік навчання) - Т. І. Бондар - Методика Паблішинг 2017 рік


Unit І It's my life

Do you remember tips from the last school year?

In the first four textbooks you learned how to improve your vocabulary.

Here again a little summary as a reminder:

keep working with vocabulary cards,

continue your vocabulary book,

take several minutes every day to review the vocabulary,

practice using these words in different contexts,

make learning exciting by learning with other students or playing games. Enjoy Joy of English!


target audience

[,ta:git 'ɔ:diәns]

цільова аудиторія

A target audience is the intended audience or readership of a publication, advertisement, or other message.

to contain [kәn'tein]


This box contains a pair of shoes.

courage ['kʌridӡ]

сміливість, впевненість

courage = confidence, and resolution; bravery

insight [ insait]

розуміння, сприйняття

The research gives insight into the theory of evolution.

impressed [im prest]


He is not easily impressed.

inverted pyramid

[in' vз:tid pirәmid]

перевернута піраміда

"inverted" or upside-down "pyramid"


['nju:z wз:ði]

важливий, цікавий

newsworthy = of sufficient interest

ups and downs

злети та падіння, ра

Ups and downs mean alternating periods


дість та горе

of good and bad fortune or spirits.

strength [streηӨ]

сила, перевага

You don't know your own strength.



інформація, досвід

Her background in the arts is impressive.

Language 1

used to ['ju:stu]


My father used to ride a motorcycle before he was married.

transition [træn'ziʃәn]


The transition from child to adult can be difficult.

workload ['wз:klәʊd]


We've taken on more staff to cope with the extra workload

habit ['hæbit]


Lorene made a habit of going to bed early.

to contrast

[' kontra:st]


She contrasted the situation then with the present crisis.

to beat up [bi:t'ʌp]

бити, гамселити

to beat up = to punch, kick or hit (a person) severely and repeatedly

common [komәn]


It is common for movies to last 90 minutes or more.

to run campaign [ rʌn kæm'pein]

проводити кампанію, агітувати

Run your own advertising campaign.

victim [ viktim]

жертва, постраждалий

victims of war; victims of an epidemic; victims of poverty

Language 2

to earn [з:п]


She earns 50 hryvnias an hour.



зустріч, призначення, (назначено)

He arrived before appointment

IT [ai' ti:]

інформатика, інформаційні технологи

IT = information technology

Do's in Job Interview

Dress properly for I he job interview.

Wear a decent forma! pant and light color shirt.

Your attire shows that you take the interview serimusly and you are interested in the position.

Know the location and exact time of the interview

Arrive 10-15 minutes early before the scheduled time

During the Interview

Listen carefully and speak clearly

Use proper body language

• Do not slouch

• Keep eye contact

Ask questions

Everyday English reliable [ri'laiәbl]

надійний, вірний

They provide a cheap and reliable service.

member [membә']


member = representative, associate

to raise [reiz]

збільшувати,заробляти, підвищувати

A director has to raise an employee's salary.

tactful [’tæktfʊl]

тактичний, делікатний

That wasn't a very tactful question.

to express [iks'pres]


He expressed his surprise at the result.

vet [vet]


vet = veterinary surgeon, veterinarian

research [ri'sз:tʃ]

дослідження, експеримент

You say that someone does, conducts, or carries out research.

ambitious [æm'biʃas]

амбіційний, цілеспрямований

Perhaps you're being too ambitious.




We must improve our competitive position.

adviser [әd'vaizә']

консультант, експерт

adviser = counsellor, authority, teacher, coach, guide, lawyer, consultant, solicitor, counsel, aide, tutor, guru, mentor.

creative [kri:’eitiv]

творчий, винахідливий

Like many creative people, he was very interesting.

to prefer [pri'fз:r]

надавати перевагу

1 prefer walking to going by car.

to apply [ә'plai]

подавати заяву на (роботу)

= (often followed by: for) to put in an application or request

enclosing [in'klәʊziη]


Check enclosing for the list of students.

work placement [wз:k 'pleismәnt]

виробнича практика

Students come to our company on work placements.

CV [,si:'vi:]

біографічна довідка, резюме

CV = curriculum vitae

reference ['refrәns]

рекомендаційний лист

1 can't find his reference in the files.

to accept [әk'sept]


1 ask you to accept my invitation.

casually ['kæӡjʊәli]


They were smartly but casually dressed.

body language [‘bodi læηgwidӡ]

мова міміки та жестів

= the gestures, postures, and facial expressions by which a person manifests various physical, mental, or emotional states and communicates nonverbally with others.

Get Fit!

employer [im'pIɔr]


An employer is a person or institution that hires employees or workers.

weakness [ wi:knis]


I'm afraid doughnuts are my weakness.

insightful ['in saitfʊl]

змістовний, сповнений розуміння

insightful- having or showing a very clear understanding of something

to brush up [brʌʃʌp]

освіжити знання, повторити

to brush up - to refresh one's memory or renew one's skill regarding (something)

to cross [krɒs]


Sit straight, don't cross your legs.

lap [læp]


He expects the money to fall into his lap.

overdress [ әʊvs'dres]

Вдягнутися занадто яскраво, святково

overdress 4 underdress

dangle [ dæηgl]


A gold bracelet dangled from his left wrist.

clanking [klæηkiη]


clanking - having a hard metallic sound

to entail [in'teil]

включати, передбачати

What does the job entail!

to go overboard [gәu 'әʊvәbɔ:d]

не знати міри, перегинати палку

He doesn't play cards often, but when he does, he tends to go a bit overboard.

Maintenance ['meintinәns]

ремонт, технічне обслуговування

maintenance - activity involved in maintaining something in good working order


creator [kri'eitәr]


George Lucas is the creator of the Star Wars films.

to excel [ik'sel]

добиватися успіху, перевершити

Few dancers have excelled her in virtuosity.

Classical studies ['klæsikәl stʌdiz]


Classical studies (Classics) covers the languages, literature, history, art, and other cultural aspects of the ancient Mediterranean world.

to design [di'zain]

розробляти, створювати

Scholarship is designed for students.

dental surgery ['dentl 'sз:dӡәri]

стоматологічне відділення (хірургія)

How long has the patient been in dental surgery!

Predecessor ['pri:disesәr]


He learned everything he knew from his predecessor.

to launch [Іɔ:ntʃ]

запускати, розпочинати

The police have launched an investigation into the incident.

billionaire [ biliә'nɛәr]


Billionaire possesses more than a billion dollars.

to doubt [daʊt]


І doubt it very much!

Facts and fiction

novel [’nɒvә ]

новела, роман

He had all but finished writing a first novel.

to bum around [bʌm ә'raʊnd]

тинятися, вештатися, байдикувати

Her son is just bumming around all day, he is so lazy!

Dag nabbit! [.dæg'næbit]

От лихо! Жах!

Dag nabbit is an exclamation used during great surprise.

wheel [wi:l]

колесо, кермо

It was her first time at the wheel.

hippy ['hipi]


hippy - someone who rejects the established culture

slope [slәʊp]


The car got stuck on a slope.

upside-down ['ʌpsaid'daʊn]

догори ногами, перевернутий

We turned everything upside-down looking for it.

to live off [liv'ɒf]

жити за рахунок (чогось, когось)

To live off the fat of the land means to be rich enough to live well without having to do very much.

harbour [ ha:bәr]


All the ships stayed in the harbour during the storm.

dry land [drai laend]


dry land the sea

in a way [inә'wei]

певною мірою, деяким


І like the new styles, in a way.

part-time [ pa:t'taim]

неповне навантаження,

part-time - for or during less than the

неповний робочий день

customary or standard time

gardener ['ga:dnәr]


A gardener works in a garden for pleasure or hire.

cab [kæb]


cab = taxi

to affect [ә'fekt]


It did not affect my decision.

unusual [ʌn'ju:ӡʊәl]


unusual * usual

quite [kwait]

повністю, зовсім

I'm quite positive about it.

narrow ['nærәʊ]

вузький, обмежений

Some people have narrow opinions.

Expectation [,ekspekteiʃәn]


The response exceeded all our expectations.

wrestler [ reslәr]


A wrestler takes part in the sport of wrestling.

tamer [ teimәr]

приборкувач, дресирувальник

A tamer trains/tames wild animals.

poverty ['pɒvәti]

бідність, злидні

They lived in extreme poverty.

disease [di'zi:z]


She's suffering from kidney disease.

camp [kæmp]


The camp was in a densely-forested area.

to suffer [ sʌfәr]


І can't suffer it a moment longer.

to cure [kjʊәr]

лікувати, виліковувати

І was cured almost overnight.

Words in action

Influential [inflʊ'enʃәl]


І am in quite an Іnfluential job

to connect [kә'nekt]

з'єднувати, зв'язувати

The candidate failed to connect with the voters.

to donate [dәʊ'neit]

жертвувати, дарувати

He donated $100 to the fund.

to dim [dim]

зменшити яскравість, затуманити

The passing years had not dimmed her beauty.

accurate ['ækjʊrit]


The tests are 90% accurate.

loyal ['Iɔiәl]

вірний, відданий

І am happy to have a very loyal friend.

sincere [sin'siәr]

щирий, відвертий

He accepted her apologies as sincere.

Unit 2 School prepares me for my future

Learning Tip: How to learn vocabulary

Learn the new vocabulary from the context. While you read, pay close attention to words you don't know. First, try to figure out their meanings from context. Then look the words up. Read and listen to challenging material so that you'll be exposed to many new words.

Practice, practice, practice. Research shows that it takes from 10 to 20 repetitions to really make a word part of your vocabulary.

It helps to write the word - both the definition and a sentence you make up using the word - perhaps on an index card that can later be reviewed.

As soon as you learn a new word, start using it. Review your index cards periodically to see if you have forgotten any of your new words.

Say the word aloud to activate your auditory memory. Relate the word to words you already know. For example, the word colorful consists of the words color and full. List as many things as you can that could be considered colorful: bands, plants, objects, roses.

Create pictures of the word's meaning that involve strong emotions. Think "The colorful rose turned me into a princess!"

You can apply these strategies every time you learn new words. Soon you will be rewarded: You will discover the joys of being able to express yourself both in speaking and writing!


Curriculum [kә’rikjәlәm]

шкільний навчальний план

all the courses of study offered by a school

student ['stju:dnt]

учень в американській школі, а також студент вищого навчального закладу

student (AmE) - pupil (BrE)

high school ['hai ,sku:l]

старша школа (третій рівень, який забезпечує

повну загальну середню освіту)

A high school is a school in the USA foi people between the ages of 14/15 and 18.

breaking news [ breikiη] nju:z]

термінове повідомлення

The latest breaking news around the

world from hundreds of sources, all in one place.(ad)

yearbook ['jiәbʊk]

шкільний щорічник

a book which comes out every year, with information about events and students at the school

Homecoming ['hәʊmkʌmiη]

зустріч випускників навчальних закладів

Homecoming is a yearly celebration for alumni at a school.

Cheerleader ['tʃiәli:dә]

чирлідер/черлідер группа підтримки спортивної команди, яка виступає на стадіоні перед грою.

There are often cheerleaders at football games.

tryout [ traiaʊt]

відбірковий виступ

to try tryout

rally [ræli]


a political rally, a demonstration, march, or parade

grade (AE) [greid]


grade (AmE)- mark(BrE)

prize [praiz]

приз, нагорода

something valuable which you get if you do very good work

theme park

тематичний парк роз

an amusement park where the

['Өi:m ,pa:k]


rides and attractions are based on a


The word 'cheerleading' consists of the two words to cheer and to lead. Cheerleading thus means literally "lead the audience to cheer." Cheerleading /’tjiәrli:diη]/ ranges from yelling to intense physical activity for sports team motivation, audience entertainment or competition based upon organized routines. The routines usually range anywhere from one to three minutes, which may contain many components of tumbling, dance, jumps, cheers and stunting in order to direct spectators of events to cheer for sports teams at games or to participate in cheerleading competitions. The yellers, dancers and athletes involved in cheerleading are called cheerleaders.

Organized cheerleading started as an all-male activity. As early as 1877, Princeton University had a "Princeton Cheer". This cheer was yelled from the stands by students at games, as well as by the baseball and football athletes themselves. The cheer, "Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah! Tiger! S-s-s-t! Boom! A-h-h-h!" remains in use with slight modifications today and is now referred to as the "Locomotive".

In 1898 that University of Minnesota student Johnny Campbell directed a crowd in cheering"Rah, Rah, Rah! Ski-u-mah, Hoo-Rah! Hoo-Rah! Varsity! Varsity! Varsity, Minn-e-So-Tahl", making Campbell the very first cheerleader and November 2, 1898 the official birth date of organized cheerleading. In 1923, at the University of Minnesota, women were admitted into cheerleading.

In high school, there are usually two squads per school: varsity and a junior varsity. Some schools also include a freshman level of cheering in order to develop skills as the athletes continue to mature. High school cheerleading contains aspects of school spirit as well as competition. These squads have become part of a year-round cycle, starting with tryouts in the spring, year-round practice, cheering on teams in the fall

and winter, and participating in cheerleading competitions. Most squads practice at least three days a week for about two hours each practice during the summer.

The school spirit aspect of cheerleading involves cheering, supporting, and 'pumping up' the crowd at football games, basketball games, and even at wrestling meets. Along with this they make posters, perform at pep rallies, and bring school spirit to the other students.

to pledge [pledӡ]

обіцяти (давати присягу)

to pledge allegiance to the flag

allegiance [ә'li:dӡns]

присяга на вірність країні

loyalty and obedience owed to one's country or government

brand new [brænd nju:]


I've just bought this dress. It's brand new.

homecoming queen [,hәʊmkʌmiη' kwi:n]

королева вечірки зустрічі випускників

The cheerleaders choose the homecoming queen.

captain [’kæptin]


captain of a sports team

formal [’fɔ:ml]


formal language, dress, look

dress [dres]


All students wear formal dress at the dance.

jeans (pi) [dӡi:nz]


І like blue jeans.

Ballroom dancing [,bɔ:lrʊm 'da:nsiη]

бальні танці

a formal kind of dancing

dancing [da:nsiη]


to dance dancing

supporter [sә'pɔ:tә]


A supporter thinks you're right and helps you.

to chant [tʃa:nt]


Cheerleaders chant.

pompom [pɒmpɒm]


Cheerleaders wave pompoms. usually brightly colored fluffy ball held by cheerleaders

colorful (AE) ['kʌlәfl]

різнобарвний, розмаїтий

colorful (AmE) - colourful (BrE)

cluster ['klʌstә]

кластер, скупчення

Put mind maps together and start a cluster.


to date [deit]

ходити на побачення, зустрічатися

If you date someone, you go out with them.

luckily ['Іʌкіlі]

на щастя

lucky luckily

material [mә'tiәriәl]

матеріал, інформація

things (for example ideas, information etc.) which help you to make or write something

ill [il]


If you've been ill, you must bring an absence slip.

absence [’æbsns]


Everyone noticed her absence

slip [slip]

записка від батьків

One of your parents should sign an absence slip.

advert [’ædvз:t]


This is a good advert for milk.

alcohol [ ælkәhɒl]


adverts for alcohol

drug [drʌg]


You mustn't bring alcohol or drugs to school.

tobacco [tә'bækәʊ]


Tobacco smoke is very unhealthy.

gang [gæη]

банда, група людей зі спільними інтересами

I'm throwing a party for the gang 1 bowl with.

cigarette [ sigr'et]


The main ingredient in cigarettes is tobacco.

to contact [’kɒntækt]

зв'язатись з

If you want to contact someone, you can call them or write an e-mail.

at any time

[æt ,eni ’taim]

в будь-який час

You can always visit us. = You can visit us at any time.

Everyday English

destiny [ destini]


destiny = fate, fortune, lot

student body [ stju:dәnt bɒdi]

студентський колектив, орган

A student body means all the students enrolled at an educational institution.

to convince [kәn'vins]


l hope this will convince you to change your mind.

to vote [vәʊt]


to vote vote

Contender [kәn'tendәr]

кандидат, суперник

Her trainer said yesterday that she would be a strong contender for a place in the baseball team.

campaign [kæm'pein]

кампанія, агітація

a presidential campaign; an advertising campaign

to seek out [ si:k'aʊt]

вишукувати, звертатися

We should strengthen old friendships and seek out new friendships.

outgoing ['aʊt gәʊiη]


outgoing = friendly and sociable

speech [spi:tʃ]


A speech is a form of communication in spoken language, made by a speaker before an audience.

to the point [tә ðә 'pɔint]

по суті, влучно

The candidate answers briefly and to the point.

bribe [braib]

хабар, підкуп

An old woman tried to use dessert as a bribe to get the child to cooperate.

truthfully [ tru:Өfәli]

чесно, правильно, правдиво

Stories should be reported truthfully and accurately.

supply [sә'plai]


Our supply of milk is low.

to start small [sta:t 'smɔ:l]

розпочинати з малого

What I'm starting to notice more and more, is that great things almost always start small.

Recognized [rekәgnaizd]


Mark Antokolsky is a recognized master of sculptural portrait.

to stand out from the crowd [stænd 'aut from ðә kraʊd]

відрізнятися, виділятися

We try fo stand out from the crowd by producing movies and TV programs that no one else would produce.

to consider [kәn'sidәr]

вирішувати, розглядати, брати до уваги

We considered taking the train instead of the bus.

to estimate ['estimeit]


fo estimate = to calculate approximately

versus [vз:sәs]

проти, порівняно

Books versus e-books: what is better?

Useful phrases: Dating

If you want to go out with a girl or a boy, you can use the following phrases. Hi, there! Would you like to go to the movies with me?

Do you want to go to the dance with me?

Oh yes, that would be great!

Yes, I'd love to go with you!

Thank you, but I've already got other plans for the weekend. Oh, I'm so sorry! I'm already going out with ...

Shall we meet at...?

I'll pick you up at eight o'clock.

You're looking cute.

Well, I'll see you around.

Get Fit! scholar [’skɒlәr]


o scholar = a student

basic school ['beisik

основна школа

Basic school is an academic prep school


that develops excellence through an

basic school leaving certificate ['beisik sku:l li:viη sә'tifikit]

свідоцтво про базову загальну середню освіту

emphasis on reading, writing and math, to receive a basic school leaving certificate

high school [hai sku:l] or upper secondary school [ʌpә 'sekәndәri sku:l]

старша школа

Most high schools challenge students with rigorous academic programs to prepare them for the demands of today's world.


matriculation school certificate

[mә trikjʊ leiʃәn sku:l

атестат про повну загальну середню освіту

Three years spent at upper secondary school lead to a matriculation school certificate or'atestat'.

sә'tifikit] state (final) attestation [steit fainl ætes'teijәn]

державна підсумкова атестація

The students sit for their final attestation examinations at the end of both basic and general secondary education.

external independent

testing [eks'tәrnәl indi'pendәnt testiη]

зовнішнє незалежне тестування

Many polls show that most Ukrainians believe that externa/ independent testing is better than standard entrance exams.

to highlight [’hailait]

вирізнити (маркером

Pay attention to the highlighted words.

to pass [pa:s]

слова в тексті) здавати

to pass an exam or a test

upper ['ʌpә]


upper lower

to graduate ['grædjueit]


If you graduate, you leave school (AE) or university (BE) after your final exams.

elementary school (AE) [eli'mentri sku:l]

початкова школа

the first school where American children go

middle school (AE)

['midl ,sku:l]

основна школа (США)

Children at middle school in the US are usually 11 to 14 years old.

may [mei]


May l come in?

public school [pʌblik sku:l]

державна школа, що фінансується штатом

public versus private school

university [ ju:ni'vз:sәti]


Higher education includes vocational schools, colleges and universities.

Word building to begin

the beginning

to build

a building

to date


to feel

a feeling

to mean

the meaning

to meet

a meeting

to paint

a painting


Attention! [ә'tenʃn]


period (AE) [piәriәd]


period (AE) - lesson (BE)

Announcement [ә'naʊntsmәnt]


An announcement gives people information about what has happened or will happen.

soccer (AE) [’sɒkә]


soccer (AE) - football (BE)

chant [tʃa:nt]


A chant (from French chanter) is the rhythmic speaking or singing of words or sounds.

less [les]


more less

to dare [deә]


Nobody dares to go. = Everyone is too frightened to go.

to take care [teik keә]

Дивіться! (обережно)

But Eagles dare

Take care

До побачення!

So you take core!

Facts and fiction

insurance [in'ʃʊәrәns]


Insurance stands for means of protection against risk or injury.

brand ambassador

обличчя рекламної

Brand ambassador is a marketing

[,brænd æm'bæsәdә']


term for a person employed by a company to promote its products or services.

dog shelter [dog ʃeltәf] ]

притулок для собак

A dog in a dog shelter is waiting for adoption.

to be eager['i:gәr]

бажати, мати намір

eager = having or showing keen interest, intense desire, or impatient expectancy

Mentor ['mentɔ:]

керівник, наставник, учитель

/Wenfor = adviser, consultant, counselor

to encourage [in' kʌridӡ]


You must encourage him to try again.

to explore [iks'pbɔ:]


The oceans have not yet been fully explored.

to matter ['mætәr]


You're all that matters to me.

brand awareness

[.brænd ә'wɛәnis]

визнання торгової марки

Brand awareness means marketing the extent to which consumers are aware of a particular product or service.

to drive sales [ draiv seilz]

збільшувати збут (об'єм продажу)

l want to drive sales, so 1 must sell more than usual.

innate [i'neit]

природній, вроджений

A teacher has an innate knowledge of right and wrong.

to interpret [in'tз:prit]

пояснювати, тлумачити

How do you interpret his behavior?

routine [ru:'ti:n]

танець, хореографічний номер

I adore our new dance routine.

self-employed [,selfim'plɔid]


I am self-employed, so 1 am earning my living from my own profession.

demand [di'ma:nd]


The teacher is in great demand as a speaker.

Surrounding [sә'raʊndiηη]


I dream of a peaceful holiday home in beautiful surroundings.

to manage ['mænidӡ]


to manage = to have charge of; direct or administer

self-taught [,self'tɔ:t]

той, хто навчився самостійно (самоучка)

Inna is a self-taught musician.

screenplay ['skri:nplei]


A screenplay is a script for a movie.

witty [’witi]


He's very witty (= clever).

to sacrifice ['sækrifais]


Her mom sacrificed everything for her.

Words in action

equation [i'kweiӡәn]


xy+xy=2xy is an equation.

Compound ['kɒmpәʊnd]

складне слово, хімічна сполука

Organic compounds contain carbon in their molecules.

PE (physical education) ('pi: i:)


PE = physical education

fable [ feibl]


Each tale has the timeless quality of fable.

to shrug [ʃrʌg]

пожимати (плечима)

When 1 asked him if he knew what had happened, he just shrugged.

Hemisphere ['hemisfiәr]

Півсфера півкуля (географія)

heading ['hediη]


Unit 3 Stars in your eyes?

Learning tips: Keep on learning

Memorizing new words is a huge part of learning a new language and yet it seems to be so difficult to accomplish. Yet, you need to understand that reading makes learning new vocabulary easier and more enjoyable. Reading is the best way to be exposed to a rich and wide vocabulary. And remember: you can read whatever you want! You can read literature books if that is what you enjoy, but if you don't, try reading a comic book or a magazine. We have so many interesting stories in this textbook for you to read and discuss. Don't skip them. Read and enjoy them.

Recording yourself is another strategy that can help you learn new vocabulary. By hearing your own voice say the words out loud and feeling your mouth move, you are making even more connections in your brain. So, use a camera, your phone or your webcam to record yourself practicing your new vocabulary words and using them in the sentences you made.

The next step is to talk with a friend. If you do not have any native English speaking friends, don't worry! Just invite another friend who wants to learn English out for a cup of tea and practice. To get the most out of these conversations, we suggest that each week you choose a different topic (use your textbook for topics). This way you will be using different vocabulary. Make sure to spend an hour or two to make a list of words you would like to use before meeting your friend.

These strategies are an easy, fun and relaxing way to boost your language skills. Plus, you will be learning about other things as well: win, win!


trio ['triәʊ]


Trio is a group of three individuals.

to infer [in’fз:r]

робити висновок

To infer means to conclude from evidence or by reasoning.

trait [treit]

риса (характеру)

A trait is a distinguishing characteristic or quality, esp. of one's personal nature.

to draw [drɔ:]

робити висновок

to draw = to formulate or devise from evidence or data at hand

Conclusion [kәn’klu:ӡәn]


a conclusion = a judgment

AS-level exam

випускний іспит у школі, який дає право на вступ в університет (Англія, Уельс)

Advanced Subsidiary Level, A 1 Level or

AS Level

avid [ ævid]

жадаючий, завзятий, спраглий

enthusiastic: an avid reader

to encourage [in'kʌridӡ]


to inspire with hope, courage, or confidence

to behave [bi'heiv]


to behave = to conduct oneself in a specified way

loyal ['lɔiәl]


loyal = faithful

Determined [ditз:mind]


She is determined to be a doctor.

fantasy ['fæntәsi, 'fæntәzi]

фентезі (літературний жанр фантастичної літератури)

Fantasy is a genre of fiction or other artistic work characterized by fanciful or supernatural elements.

chronicles [’krɒnikәlz]


Chronicles are a detailed narrative record or report.

Adaptation [,ædæp'teiʃan]


The film is an adaptation of a short novel.

dawn [dɔ:n]


I'll see you at dawn.

treader [ tredә] The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

подорожуючий (той хто йде)

«Підкорювач зорі» або «Плавання на край світу» (український переклад)

tread freader, one who treads (walks)

to gross [grәʊs]

заробляти на фільмах (з продажу квитків у кінотеатрах)

To gross means to earn as a total income or profit before deductions.

highest-grossing['haiist 'grәʊsiη]

найкасовіший (фільм)

Harry Potter is the second highest- grossing film series.

series ['siәriz]

серіал, серія (фільмів)

The Chronicles of Narnia is a series of fantasy films.

hallows ['hælәʊz]


Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows

Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows

Гарі Поттер і смертельні реліквії

Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows is the seventh and final novel of the Harry Potter series.

world receipts [ri'si:ts]

касові збори в загальносвітовому масштабі

This film series is with $7.7 billion in world receipts.

to personify [pз:'sɒnifai]

втілювати, уособлювати

= to represent

to sneak [sni:k]


To sneak means to go quietly and secretly.

Antagonist [æn'tægәnist]

персонаж (літературного твору), який протидіє головному герою

The principal character in opposition to the protagonist or hero of a narrative or drama.

Protagonist [prәʊ'tægәnist]

головний герой

the leading character of a drama or other literary work

to oppose [ә'pәʊz]


What character opposes the protagonist?

Holliwood ['hɒliwʊd]

Hollywood is the oldest film industry in the world which was originated 121 years ago. Best known for one of the world's biggest entertainment industries, Hollywood has been the dream destination for those who seek fortune and fame for decades now. This famous district; which is just a few minutes' drive from downtown Los Angeles, houses some of the biggest stars and studios around. Here are 10 things you never knew about Hollywood.

Fact one: Harvey and Daeida Wilcox owned a ranch called Hollywood where the modern- day Mecca of entertainment stands!

Fact two: The first movie to be made in Hollywood was 'In Old California' in 1910. This was a 17-minute short film by legendary director D.W. Griffith, who was also responsible for the groundbreaking 'Birth Of A Nation.'

Fact three: Prior to 1910, there were no movie theaters in the Hollywood district-because they were banned!

Fact four: Nestor Studio was the first movie studio to be set up in Hollywood. It was set up at 6121 Sunset Blvd. by the Centaur Co. of New Jersey at a rented roadhouse way back in 1911.

Fact five: In 1918, four brothers, who were by trade soap salesmen from Ohio, set up a studio in Hollywood. They called their new venture Warner Brothers!

Fact six: The world-famous 'HOLLYWOOD' sign came about in 1923, when a real estate agent called Harry Chandler decided to advertise properties in the locality. It cost him $21,000 to raise the 'HOLLYWOODLAND' sign that was initially meant to stay on for eighteen months only. In 1949, the sign was edited to read just 'HOLLYWOOD.' The Hollywood sign itself has several interesting (and tragic) stories associated with it

Fact seven: 'The Jazz Singer,' a 1927 movie directed by Alan Crosland, starring Al Johnson and May McAvoy, was the first talkie-or film with sound-made in Hollywood. This 89-minute classic cost a then-staggering $422,000 to make.

Fact eight: The costliest Hollywood movie till date is the 2007'Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End.' This Johnny Depp-starrer was directed by Gore Verbinski and cost a whopping $300 million. Of course, it made close to a billion dollars!

Fact nine: The annual Academy Awards or Oscars were first held in 1929 at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. This fairly cozy banquet was attended by 270 people. Only 15 different awards were presented on that night However, in true Hollywood fashion, even back then there was an after-party!

Fact ten: Cecile B. DeMille's 1914 film 'The Squaw Man' was the first ever movie made exclusively in a Hollywood studio. Now, 500-700 movies are released in Hollywood every year, and that's about half the number of films released in India every year!


to produce [prә'dju:s]

виробляти, створювати

to produce = to compose, create, or

still (picture) ['stil ,piktfʃә]


bring out by intellectual or physical effort

A still or still picture is a photo.

silent movie [,sailәnt mu:vi]

німе кіно (фільми без синхронно записаного звуку)

A silent movie is a film without sound.

silent [ sailәnt]


made without spoken dialogue - silent movies

talkie ['tɔ:ki]

motion ['mәʊʃn]

звукове кіно (фільм, який, на відміну від «німого кіно», супроводжується звуком) рух

A talkie is a film with sound.

to move motion

to set up [set ʌp]


set up cameras

string [strіη]


He put a string on the shutter of each camera.

shutter ['ʃʌtә]


A shutter limits the passage of light in

inventor [in'ventә]


a camera or allows light to enter by opening and closing an aperture, to invent invention inventor

Kinetoscope [ki'netәskәʊp]

motor ['mәʊtә]

кінетоскоп – апарат для розглядання фотознімків, які швидко змінюються і створюють враження, що знятий об'єкт рухається.


Thomas Edison invented the Kinetoscope. A motor moved the film across the

to direct [di'rekt]


light and it became a movie, director fo direct

stage [steidӡ]


In a play people act on the stage.

rise [raiz]


to rise a rise

Music styles


альтернативний рок


узагальнена назва музичних стилей і жанрів країн Латинської Америки


кантрі (сільська музика)


поп музика - напрямок сучасної музики, вид сучасної масової культури


Денсхолл як музична структура з'явилась у 80-х на Ямайці на основі регі ритму але грається швидше


напрям у рок-музицІ, що виник у середині 1970-х рр. у США і Великобританії, у якому поєднувалися соціальний протест І музичне неприйняття тодішніх форм року


фолк, народна музика


ритм і блюз — музичний стиль пісенно-танцювального жанру.


фанк, музичний напрямок афроамериканської музики


ритмічний речитатив, який читають під біт

heavy metal

хеві-метал (жанр рок музики, початковий напрямок металу)


напрямок сучасної музики, що сформувався в 1960-х на Ямайці

hip hop

музичний жанр


узагальнена назва низки напрямків популярної музики



інді (незалежна) музика містить музичні жанри, для яких характерна незалежність від комерційної поп-музики.


соул - жанр популярної музики афро-американського походження, який виник в південних штатах США в 1950-і роки на основі ритм-енд-блюза


музичний жанр (різновид рок музики)

Everyday English

matter [’mætә]


everyday matters

to matter ['mætә]

мати значення, бути важливим

It doesn't matter how rich you are. It's what you do with your life that really matters.

least [li:st]


That's the least l can do for you.

rapper [’ræpә]


to rap a rapper

Independent [,indi'pendәnt]


Independent music

Alternative [ɔ:l'tз:nәtiv]

альтернативний рок

He plays alternative.

heavy [’hevi]


Is that box too heavy for you to lift?

metal ['metl]


Metal is a hard material.

heavy metal [,hevi ’metl]


l like heavy metal.

punk [pʌηk]


Punk is a music style.

guitar [gi'ta:]


play the guitar, play a guitar David can play the guitar.

chat room ['tʃæt rʊm]


You can post a message in a chatroom.

slang [slæη]


When you chat, you can use slang words.

to register [’redӡistә]


You need to register before sending an application.

to post [pәʊst]


He posted a message.

to view [vju:]


a view to view

forum [’fɔ:rәm]


an Internet forum

gangster [gæηstә]

розбійник, хуліган

'Gangsta'is a slang word for gangster.

bling bling (slang) [bliη bliη]

цяцьки (сленг) ювелірні вироби

Bling bling is a slang word for 'jewelry'.

to freestyle (slang) ['fri:stail]


We'll teach you how to freestyle.

to diss (slang) [dis]

Chill out! [tʃil aut]

принижувати Охолонь! Заспокойся!

If you diss someone, you say something which makes them angry.

homie (slang) [’hәʊmi]

дружбан (сленг)

Homie is a slang word for 'friend'.

indie [’indi]

інді (незалежна) музика містить музичні жанри, для яких характерна незалежність від комерційної поп-музики.

He likes indie and rock music.

musician [mju:'ziʃn]


music musical musician

suburb [ sʌb3:b]

околиця, передмістя

a suburb of Austin

to form [fɔ:m]

утворювати, організувати

We are trying to form a band.

drummer ['drʌmә]


A drummer is a person who plays the drums.

bass [bæs]


He's a bass player.

to be into [bi: intә]

захоплюватися, цікавитися

They are into almost everything.

funk [fʌηk]

фанк, музичний напрямок афроамериканської музики

Listen online to Classic Funk in London, the United States.

except [ik'sept]

за винятком

Everybody's here, except Jenny.

disrespect [,disri spekt]


No disrespect to you, gangsters.

to e-mail [ i:meil]

надіслати електронне повідомлення

Please, e-mail me.

to check out [tʃek 'aʊt]

зайти на (сайт)

Check us out at myspace.com.

Incarnation [ inka:'neiʃan]


The band's current incarnation is Dawes [d a:z].

vocals [vәʊkәlz]

вокал, голос

Celine Dion's got some vocals! (She's got a great voice).

lyrics [’liriks]

текст пісні

Who wrote lyrics?

to bring out [briη] aʊt]

проявляти, відтворювати

We try to bring out the inherent nature of the guitar.

stamp [stæmp]


The environment left the stamp on him.

rehearsal [ri'hз:sәl]


Rehearsals are necessary.

to trace [treis]


l can't trace his roots.

to resonate ['rezәneit]

робити сильнішим, підсилювати, відгукуватися, резонувати

My songs resonate with my mood.

Slang words

With the popularity and rise in real-time text-based communications, such as Facebook, Twitter, instant messaging, email, Internet and online gaming services, chat rooms, discussion boards and mobile phone text messaging (SMS), a new texting language emerged. According to a survey of 700 students ages 12 to 17 by the Pew Internet & American Life Project; 85 percent of the students reported using a form of electronic communication, whether through instant messaging, text messaging, or social media. Growing up in a technological era, high school students may be unaware they are using language shortcuts in the classroom. Slang terms and text-speak such as IDK (I don't know), SMH (shaking my head), and BTW (by the way) have become a common sight on student assignments, befuddling some high school teachers who are unsure how to fix this growing problem.

Useful phrases: An Internet forum

These phrases can help you to participate in the Internet forums

AMA Ask Me Anything

DAE Does Anyone Else? e.g. Does anyone else enjoy making chocolate?

DM Direct Message or to receive direct messages from anyone on Twitter

ELI5 Explain Like I'm 5 (explain complex issue in simple terms)

ICYMI In Case You Missed - It It's a way of saying, 'You might have already seen this, but if not, here you go."

FTPY Fixed That For You - You say something that has an obvious unintentional mistake, another person on the Internet corrects it for you, adding, "FTFY."

Get Fit!

Supreme being [sʊ'prim 'bi:iη]

верховна істота(Всевишній)

Supreme being taught Super-Man.

outfit [’aʊtfit]


outfit = clothes

to consider [kәn'sidәr]


People considered him a hero.

sinless ['sinlis]


sinless = free from sin or guilt; innocentpure

criminal ['kriminl]


Super-man fought criminals.

spider ['spaidәr]


Spider-Man has got the power of a spider.

refrain [ri'frein]


Refrain is the part of a song that you sing again and again (between the different verses).

chorus ['kɔ:rәs]


A chorus usually has different lyric and music content to the verse and bridge. Whereas a refrain is usually a repeated line or phrase incorporated lyrically and musically within the verse itself...

verse [vз:s]


This song has got ten verses!


unfriendly [ʌn'frendli]


They were very unfriendly to us.

guy [gai]

хлопець, юнак

guys = people

wild [waild]


wild = uncontrolled

to drift apart [drift ә'pa:t]


drift apart = separate

Facts and fiction to whisk away [wisk]


To remove something with quick light sweeping motions: The waiter whisked the crumbs away.

vault [vɔ:lt]

підвал, склеп

an underground storeroom

sword [sɔ:d]


a weapon, typically having a long, sharp-edged blade: He drew his sword from its sheath.

shield [ʃi:ld]


He had a sword and no shield.

bow [bәʊ]

лук - ручна зброя для метання стріл, яка має вигляд стягнутої тятивою дуги.

A bow is a weapon.

arrow ['ærәʊ]


An arrow is fired from a bow.

cordial ['kɔ:diәl]


cordial = drink, e.g. tonic

dagger ['dægәr]


a short, swordlike weapon with a pointed blade and a handle

to store [stɔ:r]


to store = to keep

horn [hɔ:n]

ріг, ріжок (муз. інструмент)

Susan's horn is for summoning help.

to summon [ sʌmәn]

кликати, звати (на допомогу)

to summon = to call forth or bring out

prior ['praiәr]


prior = before

intervene [jntә'vi:n]


to intervene = to take part

to rescue ['reskju:]


The children rescue Trumpkin the dwarf from soldiers.

dwarf [dwɔ:f]


a small creature with magical powers

wilderness ['wildәnis]

глушина, пустеля

a wild area of a country

to gain [gein]

одержувати, досягати

to gain = to obtain

to escape [is'keip]

рятуватись, звільнятись

Prince escaped from Miraz's castle.

to flee [fli:] (fled (pt, pp))

рятуватися втечею

Caspian fled into the forest.

Unconscious [ʌn'kɒnʃәs]


He was knocked unconscious when his horse bolted.

to bolt [bәʊlt]

понести (про коня)

He was knocked unconscious when his horse bolted.

den [den]

нора, притулок

He awoke in the den of a talking badger.

badger ['bædӡәr]


He awoke in the den of a talking badger.

council [’kaʊnsl]

рада, нарада

During a midnight council they discussed many matters.

how [haʊ]


Aslan's How was a hilly mound of earth that covered what had once been the Stone Table to the south of the town of Beruna in the Kingdom of Narnia, built during the Dark Age. It was also the place where Aslan was sacrificing his own life to the White Witch so that Edmund wouldn't get killed by Jadis.

Words in action

sequence ['si:kwәns]


Learn about a 5-shot sequence.

scenario [si'na:riәʊ]


Let's try another scenario.

shot [ʃɒt]

знімок, кадр

The next shot is a close-up shot.

close-up ['kloʊz 'ʌp]

знімок крупним (великим)планом

Close-ups are one of the standard shots.

medium ['mi:diәm]


Foods which contain only medium levels of sodium.

medium shot ['mi:diәm ʃɒt]

знімок середнім планом

Move back from the action and capture a medium shot of the subject.

over-the shoulder shot [’әʊvәr ðәʃәʊldәr]

знімок з-за плеча

You need to stand just behind the subject to capture an ‘over-the- shoulder'- shot.

angle [’æηgl]


You might use an unusual angle shooting from the ground.

to capture ['kæptʃәr]


You might move far away and capture an extreme wide-angle shot.

Unit 4 Discover books and theater


editor [editәr]

редактор, автор передових статей

She has been appointed a fashion editor.

raven ['reivn]


Ravens are among the smartest of all birds.

Imaginative [i'mædӡinәtiv]

захопливий, творчий, з багатою уявою

This essay is interesting and imaginative.

to shroud [ʃraʊd]

огортати, вкривати, обволікати

The castle was shrouded in mist.

river pilot [rivәf pailәt]

річний лоцман

A Mississippi River Pilot is responsible for guiding ships along the Mississippi River.

to have everything to do with

бути повністю зумовленим, зв'язаний, все про...

This has nothing to do with Mary, and everything to do with them, and John knows it.

fathom [ fæðәm]


water five fathoms deep

Steamboat [’sti:mbәʊt]


A steamboat is a ship driven by steam.

sequel ['si:kwәl]


It's a sequel to a story about a boy called Matthew.

novelist [ nɒvәlist]

автор роману

Dickens was a great novelist.

measles [‘mi:zlz]


People usually get measles in childhood.

pad [pæd]


A pad is a number of sheets of paper glued together at one edge to form a tablet.

Typewriter [taip,raitәr]

друкарська машинка

sclerosis [skli'rәʊsis]


The cause of multiple sclerosis is unknown.

The Lion, the Witch

Лев, чаклунка і стара

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe is

and the Wardrobe


a fantasy novel for children by C. S. Lewis.

obsessed [әb'sest]

залежний, схиблений (на чомусь)

She's obsessed with becoming rich.

to evoke [i'vʊk]

викликати, спонукати

Use the words that evoke a smile.

getaway [ getәwei]

місце для короткотривалої відпустки, втеча, притулок

A getaway means a place suitable for a vacation.

Language fragile ['frædӡail]


Watch the fragile vase.

simile ['simili]


'Her hair was like silk'is a

snail [sneil]


The old man walked along at a snail's pace.

plot [pІɒt]

сюжетна лінія

The play has a very complicated plot.

tall tale [tɔ:lteil]


A tall tale is an improbable (unusual or incredible or fanciful) story.

puzzling [pʌzliη]

головоломка, те, що спантеличує

His letter poses a number of puzzling questions.

mystery [mistәri]

детективний роман, містика

(Literary & Literary Critical Terms) a story, film, etc, which arouses suspense and curiosity because of facts concealed

Fascinating ['fæsineitiη]


Lately І read a fascinating story.

Everyday English


захопливий, той, що

His new novel makes compelling


викликає (емоції)


tension ['tenʃәn]


There is a lot of tension between them.

carrot-and-stick ['kærәtәnd'stik]

батіг і пряник

They took a carrot-and-stick approach to the rehabilitation of juvenile offenders.

Meaningful ['mi:niηfʊl]

багатозначний, цілеспрямований

Nothing meaningful is ever discussed at these meetings.

Anticipation [æntisi peiʃәn]


We waited in great anticipation.

Attainment [ә'teinmәnt]


They showed their educational attainments.

pursuit [pә'sjuit]

переслідування, пошук

The thief ran down the street with a policeman in pursuit.

advent [ædvәnt]

наступ, поява, прибуття

We were waiting for the advent of the holiday season.

detention [di tenʃәn]

затримка, утримання

The criminals are in detention.

former ['fɔ:mәr]

колишній, минулий

In former times people did not travel so much.

Superstition [,su:pә'stiʃәn]

забобон, марновірство

There is an old superstition that those who marry in May will have bad luck.

prop [prɒp]


A prop is any of the articles other than costumes and scenery used by an actor or performer during a performance on stage or in a film.

to ensue [in'sju:]

спричиняти, викликати

The panic that ensued from the false news report was unforeseen.

alight [ә'lait]

запалений,охоплений полум'ям

His eyes were alight with joy.

Break a Leg! [ breik ә 'leg]

Щоб ти ногу зламав!

(побажання успіху)

Let's all go and do our best. Break a leg!

bulb [bʌlb]


marquee [ma:'ki:]

піддашок (навіс) з неоновими вогнями

A rooflike structure, often bearing a signboard, projecting over an entrance, as to a theater or hotel is called a marquee.

seating capacity ['si:tiη kә'pæsiti]

кількість місць

seating capacity - the number of people that can be seated in a vehicle or auditorium or stadium etc.

to go strong [,gәu strɒη]

не здаватися, зберігати силу, триматися

Grandpa is such an inspiration—he's

92 and still going strong with a more active social life than І have!

Get Fit!

suspense [sәs'pens]

напруга, очікування, інтрига

The suspense became unbearable.

ebb and flow [ebәnd'flәʊ]

прилив та відлив, швидка зміна, злети та падіння

The ebb and flow of democracy through history is a fascinating subject.

singular ['siηgjʊlәr]


singular = unusual or striking

dense [dens]


We made our way through dense forest.

marsh-hen ['ma:ʃhen]

шотландська куріпка

Undergrowth [ʌndәgrәʊӨ]


She tripped over in the thick undergrowth.

myrtle [’mз:tl]

мирт, лавр

Myrtle grows in the northern Mediterranean region and the Black Sea Coast.

shrub [ʃrʌb]

чагарник, кущ

He has planted bushes and shrubs in his garden.

hut [hʌt]


Never leave a garage or garden hut unlocked.

perverse [pәvз:s]

зіпсований, помилковий, спотворений, упертий

He seems to take a perverse pleasure being disagreeable.

to blaze [bleiz] hearth [ha:Ө]

горіти, полум'яніти піч, камін

The gardens blazed with colour.

quest [kwest]


a quest for diamonds

fit [fit]


The child noticed fits of jealousy.

Scarabaeus [,skærәbi:әs]

амулет, жук-скарабей

scarabaeus - scarabaeid beetle considered divine by ancient Egyptians


harsh [ha:ʃ]

різкий, жорстокий, грубий

It's a pity she has such a loud harsh voice.

frontier [ frʌntiәr]


It wasn't difficult to cross the frontier.

cynic ['sinik]


He is a cynic - he thinks no-one is really unselfish.

apprentice [әprentis]

вихованець, учень, помічник

І started off as an apprentice and worked my way up.

boyhood [ bɔihʊd]


Boyhood memories are so interesting.

protester [pra'testa']


Protesters say the government is corrupt.

to ding [kliη]

липнути, чіплятися

The smell clung to her clothes.

Facts and fiction

Production [prә'dʌkʃәn]

вистава, постановка

Let's go to see a new Broadway production of a musical.

to verge [vз:dз]

переходити,граничити, вступати

Her land verges on the neighboring township.

stint [stint]

термін, норма

After a brief stint in a law firm he went to Hong Kong.

macaron [ mækәr'әn]

макарон (макарун)

on the cusp of [kʌsp]

напередодні, на рубежі

on the cusp of a new era

round up [ 'rәʊnd ʌp]


It's a roundup of the day's news.

Spellbound ['spelbәʊnd]


The audience was spellbound.

Impeccable [impekәbl]


She has impeccable taste in clothes.

to boost [bu:st]

збільшувати, розширювати, посилювати

We've boosted the sales figures.

hilarious [hi'lɛәriәs]

смішний, кумедний

He had a fund of hilarious tales.

keen [ki:n]

охочий, бажаючий, маючий намір,завзятий

І was keen to get started.

facet [ fæsit]

грань, аспект

There are several facets to this question.

glitzy [ glitsi]

пафосний, розкішний, гламурний

It was one of the glitziest ski resorts in the world.

ancillary [æn'silәri]

допоміжний, додатковий

ancillary = auxiliary, supplementary

puppetry ['pʌpitri]

ляльковий театр

testimony ['testimәni]


The living room piled with documents is a testimony to her dedication to work.

iconic [ai'kɒnik]

традиційний, популярний, всесвітньовідомий

Steve Gleason gives hilarious interview with Cooper Manning 10 years after iconic play.

gripping ['gripiη]


І read a gripping story.

frivolity [fri'vɒliti]

легковажність, несерйозність

І have no time for frivolities.

to prompt [prɒmpt]

спонукати, викликати

І was prompted by a desire to see justice done.

to plot [plɒt]

організовувати змову

They are awaiting trial for plotting against the state.

exile ['eksail]


He spent many years in exile.

to overthrow [,әʊvә'Өrәʊ]


The government has been overthrown.

usurper [ju:'zз:pәr]

узурпатор, загарбник, самозванець

The king's uncle was a usurper of the throne.


Words in action agile ['ædӡail]

рухливий, в'юнкий,

The antelope is very agile.

snug [snʌg]

Швидкий зручно схований, розміщений, вкритий

The children were snug in bed during the blizzard.

paperback [peipәbæk]

м'яка обкладинка

Paperback novels are cheaper.

Unit 5 The world speaks English


tundra ['tʌndrә]


Tundra is a treeless area beyond the timberline in high-latitude regions.

reminder [ri'maindәr]


It's a reminder of the good old days.

endlessness ['endlisnәs ]


endlessness - the property of being (or seeming to be) without end

outback ['aʊtbæk]

малонаселений район Австралії

Outback is the remote rural part of a country, especially of Australia or New Zealand.

desert [ dezәt]


Parts of the country are like a desert.

rainforest ['rein fɒrist]

тропічний ліс

Rainforest is an area of dense tropical evergreen forest with a very heavy annual rainfall.

Settlement ['setlmәnt]


the settlement of America

extremely [ikstri:mli]


He did extremely well in the exam.

worth [wз:Ө]


It's worth a lot of money.

pretty [ priti]

достатньо, сильно, досить

She got pretty good marks.

Hindi ['hindi:]


Hindi is the literary and official language of northern India.

Bollywood ['bɒli wʊd]

кіноіндустрія Індії

Hollywood is the Hindi-language film industry based in Mumbai.

World Giving Index

Всесвітній індекс благодійності

The World Giving Index is a leading study on global generosity.

to originate [ә’ridӡineit]


With whom did the idea originate?

Punctuation [,pʌηktjʊ'eifәn]

пунктуація, знаки розділу

Comma, full stop, question mark etc, are the punctuation marks.

dwelling ['dweliη]

проживання, житло

dwelling = a place to live in.

playwright [ pleirait]


He is a famous playwright.

laughable ['la:fәbl]

смішний, комічний

He offered me a laughable sum for the picture.

immensely [i'mensli]

надто, надмірно, безмежно

І was immensely grateful.

likable [ laikәbl]

приємний, симпатичний, привабливий

He was an immensely likable man.

cheerful ['tʃiәfʊl]

милий, приємний, бадьорий

to feel cheerful; be in a cheerful mood

quick-witted [,kwik'witid]

кмітливий, винахідливий

He is quick-witted and rarely lets an opportunity slip by.

obliging [ә'blaidӡiη]

люб’язний, поступливий

He was a most polite and obliging young man.

e-poster [,i:,pәʊstәr]

електронний постер

electronic poster

Language 1

hopeless [ hәʊplis]


His attempt to swim the river was hopeless from the beginning.

no wonder [ʊ wʌndәr]

не дивно

No wonder the baby is crying. She's wet.

diner ['dainәr]

закусочна, придорожній ресторан

I came into a diner where I sometimes stop for coffee.

Everyday English

sympathy [simpәӨi]


We expressed our sympathy for her loss.

happy camper [hæpi kæmpәr]

веселун, задоволена собою людина

a contented, satisfied, or uncomplaining person

long face [IΗ' feis]

похмурий,кислий вигляд

long face - an unhappy or gloomy expression

to bite [bait]


The dog bit his leg.

eventually [i'ventjuali]


He eventually agreed that she was right.

Adventurer [ad'ventʃәrәr]

шукач пригод

A round-the-world adventurer is very brave.

under the weather ['ʌndәðә 'weӨa]

почуватися погано, недужий

I'm feeling under the weather this week.

to sing the blues [siη ðә blu:z]

жалітися, сумувати

Computer programmers are singing the blues because business is bad and no one is hiring.

hawker ['hɔ:kәr]

вуличний торговець

It was a visitor and not a hawker at the door.

to jumble ['dӡʌmbl]


Dividers are made to keep the files from jumbling.

muggy [ mʌgi]


It was muggy and overcast.

humid [' hju:mid]


It is a humid day.

throat [Өrәʊt]


She had a sore throat.

conversely [kɒn'vз:sli]

навпаки, з іншого боку

The word conversely is an adverb that means'the opposite'or'on the other hand'.

preserve [pri’zз:v]


We visited one of the world's great wildlife preserves.

beggar [ begәr]


Now I am a beggar, having lost everything except life.

miserable [’mizәrәbl]

обездолений, нещасний

Ruth was looking miserable.

mehndi [mendi]

мехенді, розпис хною

sewer ['sjʊәr]


Sewer is an underground pipe or channel for carrying away water from drains.

to voice [vɔis]


He voiced the discontent of the whole group.

WYSE Travel


Всесвітня студентська та освітня туристична конфедерація

World Youth Student and Educational

Travel Confederation

evidence ['evidәns]

доказ (докази)

The play's long run on Broadway is evidence of its great popularity.



Discrimination is unfair treatment of a person.

benefit [ benifit]


The nurse explained the benefits of regular exercise.

Get Fit!

Appropriate [ә’prәʊpriit]

відповідний, доречний

Her clothes were appropriate to the occasion.

solution [sә'lu:ʃәn]

рішення, відповідь

I found the solution to a crossword.

ground [graund]


A ground rule is a basic rule about what should be done in a particular situation, event.

to vary [ vɛәri]


Designs may vary from the illustration on the box.

to face fears [feis'fiәrz]

дивитися страху у вічі

17 inspiring quotes to help you face your fears.

glory ['gІɔ:ri]


He had his moment of glory when he won the London Marathon.

howling [ haʊliη]


I heard the howling wolf in the woods.


to mention [menʃәn]

зазначати, згадувати, вказувати

I've never heard him mention his father.

to cut comers [кʌt 'kɔ:nәz]

йти шляхом найменшого опору

I won't cut corners just to save money put quality first.

coulda [ kudә]

міг би/мав би

coulda = could have

Facts and fiction

to beat [bi:t]


Our prices cannot be beaten.

go out on a limb [lim]


I don't want to go out on a limb, but I think we can afford to do it

stunning [ stʌniη]

неперевершений, карколомний

You look absolutely stunning.

to rock up [rɒk ʌp]


to rock up = to arrive

brass band [,brais'bænd]

духовий оркестр

A band composed of brass and sometimes percussion instruments.

baton twirler [' bætәn

жонглер тростиною,

A baton twirler twirls a baton.



to broaden [brɔ:dn]


Travel broadens the mind.

handy [ hændi]

зручно розташований, зручний для користування

This lively town is handy for Londoners.

crispy ['krispi]


Check out our other grilled chicken or crispy chicken.

to water [ wɔ:tәr]

наповнюватися слиною

Her mouth watered.

celery stick [ selәrl stik]

паличка селери

randomly ['rændәmli]

довільно, хаотично, іноді

This is rather frustrating since it happens so randomly without much useful information, there is not an absolute solution to tackle this problem.

insane [in'sein]

душевнохворий, 3 психічними розладами

If l told them that, they'd think l was insane.

annoying [ә'nɔiiη]


l find her very annoying.

glum [glʌm]


What are you both looking so glum about?

rag [ræg]

лахміття, ганчірка

I'll polish my bike with this old rag.

to trample ['træmpl]


Don't trample the flowers.

shred [fred] bobcat ['bɒbkæt]

клапоть, шматок рись

Her dress hung in shreds.

shoddiness ['ʃɒdinis]

убогість, недоброякісність

shoddiness = of poor quality

Aborigine [æbә'ridӡini]


An aborigine is an original inhabitant of a country, especially of Australia.

to average [ ævәridӡ]

налічувати в середньому

His expenses averaged 15 dollars a day.

ranch [ra:ntʃ]

ранчо, ферма

To manage or work on a ranch.

wool [wʊl]


It's made of wool.

station ['steiʃәn]


(Australian & New Zealand) A large ranch on which livestock, especially cattle or sheep, are raised.

Marsupial [ma:'su:piәl]

сумчаста тварина

The kangaroo is a marsupial.

mammal [’mæmәl]


Monkeys are mammals.

to endanger [in deindӡәr]

загрожувати, наражати на небезпеку

Drunk drivers endanger the lives of others.

algae ['ældӡі:]


algae = seaweed

Invertebrate [in' vз:tibrit]

безхребетна тварина

Amoeba is an іnvertebrafe.

Aboriginal Art Symbols

Words in action

to lag behind [lægbi'haind]


Sales are lagging behind this year compared to last year.

helm [helm]

штурвал, кермо

A position of leadership or control: at the helm of the government.

disruption [dis'rʌpʃәn]


= break, discontinuance, discontinuation, discontinuity, interruption, pause, suspension

Speaking Aussie style ... and not only

Young people use a lot of slang in every country. Here are some of the most widely used slang words.

Aussie Australia


The UK - Britons

Can you find out yourself?

buddy, pal, or dude a close friend.

Mate -a close friend.

Arvo afternoon

Feeling blue; have the blues — a feeling of depression or sadness.

Ace -brilliant or excellent.

Avo avocado

Down to earth — practical and lacking pretense.

Knackered - a great word and phrase used to describe tiredness and exhaustion.

Barby short for barbecue

Cram — to study feverishly before an exam

Blinding -a positive term meaning excellent, great, or superb.

"Big night" = A very good time out with friends for the evening.

Couch potato — a lazy person.

The bee's knees - a rather lovely term used to describe someone or something you think the world of.

Crook = III or sick

Drive up the wall — to irritate

Nice one - used almost always sarcastically in common British lexicon.

Exy = expensive

For real — honestly.

Scrummy used as a wonderful term for when something is truly delicious and mouth-wateringly good.

Footy = Australian rules football

Piece of cake — easy or effortlessly.

Rubbish used to mean both general waste and trash, and to also express disbelief in

Unit 6 Exploring the world

Check-in background


тло, на тлі

in the background

top [tɒp]


the highest point of something

unit [’ju:nit]


There are five un/ts in the textbook.

perhaps [pә'hæps]


Perhaps you mind map will help you.

Foreground ['fɔ:graʊnd]

передній план, на передньому плані

foreground background

in the foreground in the background

jogger ['dӡɒgә]

бігун підтюпцем

to jog a jogger

kickboard ['kik ,bɔrd]


Parents love their children's kickboards (scooters).

step [step]


Mind the step.

neon [ ni:ɒn]

неоновий (яскравого кольору) флуоресцентний (про вогні)

There are lots of neon lights on Times Square.

theater ['Өiәtә]


theater (AE) - theatre (BE)

borough ['bʌrә]


Queens is one of New York's five boroughs.

at the front [әt ðә 'frʌnt]

на початку(книги)

at the front of your book

neighborhood (AE) ['neibәhud]


neighborhood (AE) - neighbourhood (BE)

Skyscraper ['skai,skreipә]


A skyscraper is a very high building.

harbor (AE) [’ha:bә]


harbor (AE) - harbour (BE)

symbol [‘simbl]


The Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor is a symbol of freedom.

freedom ['fri:dәm]


free freedom

immigrant ['imigrәnt]


somebody who has left their home country and come to live in another one

public ['pʌblik]


private public

Interesting facts about New York

Most of Manhattan is a giant grid, so people will give you directions like "It's on 52nd Street between 5th and 6th. From that you know the exact block you are going to: the block of 52nd Street that falls between 5th and 6th Avenues. Having a grid is also pretty handy for measuring distance: So, if you are on 50* Street and 6* Avenue and need to go to 30th Street and 2nd Avenue, you have about 1 mile to walk south and І mile to walk east Remember this when judging whether or not a subway ride is worth it In New York the streets have numbers instead of names. The difference between streets and avenues is very critical and it's definitely something everyone needs to understand. The most basic thing to remember is that avenues run north and south while streets run east and west. Many streets in New York only accommodate one-way traffic. A general rule of thumb is that even numbered streets have eastbound traffic while odd numbered streets carry westbound traffic.

One final note about streets in Manhattan: parking on the street is notoriously difficult, and the signs telling you when/where to park can be complicated enough to warrant placement in the Da Vinci Code. Parking itself is an entirely different post, but be warned that it can be nightmarish for the impatient driver.

The first weekend in November is full of excitement, hope and enthusiasm. Millions of people of all ages and from all walks of life come together to celebrate the New York City Marathon. On November 1, nearly 50,000people ran the 2015 TCS New York City Marathon.

• Macy's, established in 1858, is the Great American Department Store. From the beginning, Macy's logo has included a star, which comes from a tattoo that Macy got as a teenager when he worked on a Nantucket whaling ship, the Emily Morgan. In 1902, the flagship store moved uptown to Herald Square at 34th Street and Broadway. Macy's Herald Square was the first building to have the modern-day escalator; some of the wooden escalators are still in use today.

Macy's has continued to be a trendsetter. Today, "America's Largest Department Store" covers an entire city block with 11 levels of the latest fashions for you and your home. Macy's offers a first class selection of top fashion brands including Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Clinique, Estee Lauder & Levis. In addition to shoes and clothing, Macy's has a wide variety of housewares, gifts, and furniture.

Would you like to live in a big city like New York? What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of such a city compared to your hometown?

Language 1

Gilded Age [gildid eidӡ]

золотий вік

The period in American history from about 1870 to 1900 when upper classes accumulated a great wealth and enjoyed opulent lifestyles.

guide [gaid]


One who shows the way by leading, directing, or advising.

guided tour [gaidid tʊә]

екскурсія у супроводі гіда

A tour guided by the guide.

access ['æksәs]

вхід у, доступ до (інтернету)

access to

mansion [ mænʃәn]


a large and imposing house

renowned [ri'naʊnd]


renowned = famous

IMAX ['aimæks]

кінопроекційна система для показу фільмів, знятих на плівці 70 мм.

A process of film projection using a giant screen on which an image approximately ten times larger than standard is projected

IMAX theater ['aimæks Өiәtә]

кінотеатр для показу широкоекранних фільмів на надзвичайно великих екранах

IMAX Theater is a dome theater that is truly unique in a number of ways.

display [di'splei]

показ, виставка

display =a public exhibition.

discount [ dis kaʊnt]


Discounts are given to students, seniors, and children.

FAO Schwartz

магазин іграшок

FAO Schwarz was founded under the name‘Toy Bazaar'by German immigrant Frederick August Otto Schwarz.

giant [ dӡaiәnt]


marked by exceptionally great size, or power

keyboard ['kі,bɔ:d]

клавіші (піаніно)

A piano is a keyboard instrument.

to feature ['fi tʃәr]


To delineate the main characteristics of; depict.

to conduct [kan'dʌkt]


проводити(майстер класи)

Workshops for kids are conducted here too.


President['tɒηәt'sз:viη 'prezidәnt]

президент, що найдовше перебував на посаді

Franklin D. Roosevelt was the longest-serving president.

to require [ri'kwaiә]

потребувати, вимагати

to have need of; depend upon; want

free [fri:]


costing nothing

year-round ['jiә'raʊnd]

круглий рік

continuing throughout the year a year-round job

to reserve [ri'zз:v]

замовляти кімнати,

І have reserved two tickets for tonight's show.

rooms, tickets flight [fiait]

Квитки, рейс, переліт

The long flight from Seattle to Little Rock.

to book [bʊk] the flight

замовляти квитки на рейс

І booked the flight to Ukraine.

to charge [tʃa:dӡ] the battery

заряджати батарею

to supply with a quantity of electric charge or electrical energy

to leave [li:v]

a tip [tip]

залишити чайові

Not many people leave tips.

bill [bil]


an account for food and drink in a restaurant, hotel (BrE) = check (AmE)

banana chips

бананові чіпси

deep fried slices of bananas

[bә'nænә tjips]

to chip [tʃip]

різати на куски

to chop or cut with an axe or other implement.

spices [spaisiz]

спеції, приправи

aromatic vegetable substances, such as ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, used as flavouring

to package ['pækidӡ]


to wrap in or put into a package

flowchart [ fiәʊ tʃa:t]

графічне (схематичне) зображення процесу (виробництва)

a schematic representation of a sequence of operations, as in a manufacturing process

sieve [siv]

решето, сито

a utensil for straining liquids

to drain off [drein]

відціджувати, стекти (про жир)

to remove (a liquid) by a steady, gradual process

The flowchart below shows how banana chips are made.

Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features and make comparisons where relevant

Language 2

to assign [ә'sain] a definite date

призначити дату

We assigned a day for the meeting.

colonial times [kә'lәʊniәl taimz]

колоніальний період

In the colonial times the settlers came to America for many reasons.

key [ki:]

ключовий, основний

The decision will be key.

buggy [ bʌgi]


A buggy is a small, light, one-horse carriage usually having four wheels in the United States and two wheels in Great Britain.

carriage [ kæridӡ]

карета, візок

carriage - a vehicle with wheels drawn by one or more horses

to draw [drɔ:]


I saw a team of horses drawing a wagon.

roadster ['rәʊdstәr]

екіпаж, родстер

roadster - a small lightweight carriage, drawn by a single horse

to power [paʊәr]

приводити в дію, рух

Turbines are powered by steam.

flagship [ fiægʃip]

флагман, провідний, найкращий представник

The newspaper is the flagship of his media empire.

to introduce [intrә'dju:s]

засновувати, представляти, вводити

The plant was introduced into America in 1899.

resort [ri'zɔ:t]

курорт, місце відпочинку

Brighton is a popular resort.

car [ka:r]


A mail car is a railway car in which mail is transported and sorted.

to reimagine [rii1 mædӡin]


In 2016 education was reimagined.

to give credit [giv 'kredit]

віддавати належне, хвалити,ставити на заслугу

We should give the pianist credit for her work in the program.

vehicle [ vi:ikl]

транспортний засіб

This vehicle is designed for navigation in water.

airplane ['ea plein]


The two men were accused of the airplane bombing.

operator [ ɒpәreitәr]


a person who operates a motor vehicle

to signify ['signifai]


A red traffic light signifies that traffic must stop.

amenity [ә'mi:niti]

зручність, об'єкт благоустрою

The hotel has very good amenities.

arrival [ә'raivәl]

приїзд, приліт, прибуття

Their arrival was delayed by traffic.

URL [ ,ju:.a:r'el ]

уніфікований вказівник (адреса) ресурсу

= uniform resource locator

Complimentary kɒmpli'mentәri]

безкоштовний, у подарунок

He had complimentary tickets for the show.

check-in [tʃekin]

реєстрація, заїзд

Your check-in time is an hour before departure.

to confirm [kәn'fз:m]


He confirmed that he would appear in court.

Dimension [di'menʃәn]


They did not realize the dimensions of the problem.

restriction [ris'trikʃәn]

обмеження, заборона

Even in a free democracy a person's behaviour must be subject to certain restrictions.

Everyday English

superb [su:'pз:b]

прекрасний, неперевершений

The cheetah is a superb animal.

Adventurous [әd'ventʃәrәs]


We had a very adventurous time getting here.

indoor ['indɔ:r]

в приміщенні, удома,

Stay indoors till you've finished your homework.

attractive [ә'træktiv]


The idea was attractive to her.

facility [fә'siliti]

заклад, приміщення

The company offers day-care facilities for children.

Intentionally [in'tenʃnәli]


I've never intentionally hurt anyone.

hire [ haiәr]

прокат, аренда

We've got it on hire for a week.

archery [ a:tʃәri]

лучники, спорядження для стрільби з лука

1. the art, practice, or skill of shooting with a bow and arrow.

2. an archer's equipment.

3. a group of archers.

up to date [ ʌPtә deit]

сучасний, новітній

in accord with the latest styles, information, or technology.

downhill [ daʊn'hil]

спуск, уклін

the downward slope of a hill

ascent [ә'sent]


The ascent of Mount Everest.

seafront ['si:frʌnt]

узбережжя, частина міста біля моря

a part of a town with its buildings facing the sea

suitcase ['su:tkeis]

валіза, чемодан

purse [pз:s]

сумочка, гаманець

І looked in my purse for some change.

backpack [ bækpæk]


It is very comfortable to travel with a backpack.

to stash [stæʃ]

ховати, класти

He had stashed money away in a secret place.

Compartment [kәm'pa:tmәnt]

відсік, ящик, камера

The drawer was divided into compartments.

carry-on [ kæri'ɒn]

ручна поклажа

My carry-on is of a size suitable for being carried onto the airplane.

wear and tear ['Wɛә' and tɛәr]


Driving in freezing weather means lots of wear and tear on your car.

carelessly ['kɛәlisli]

неуважно, безтурботно, недобросовісно

She carelessly raised the children's hopes without thinking of their possible disappointment.

durable [ djʊәrәbl]

надійний, довготривалий, з великим терміном служби

long-lasting, long-lived, lasting, undestroyable, indestructible

Retractable [ri'træktәbl]


An aeroplane has retractable wheels.

landmark [lændma:k]

пам'ятка, визначне місце

The Ambassador Hotel is a Los Angeles landmark.

Get Fit!

little-known [,litl'nәʊn]


little-known = not widely known; not famed

board [bɔ:d]


The entire class was on board for the excursion to the park.

flight attendant [flaitәtendәnt]


A flight attendant assists passengers in an aircraft.

Unmarried ['ʌn'mærid]

нежонатий, незаміжня

Unmarried = not married; having no spouse

acronym ['ækrәnim]


An acronym is a word formed by combining the initial letters of a multipart name.

movement ['mu:vmәnt]

виліт, рух, переліт

There was movement behind the door.


sidewalk(AE) ['saidwɔik]

доріжка для пішоходів

pavement (BrE) = sidewalk (AE)

house-sitter ['haʊssitәr]


A house-sitter lives in and looks after a house during the absence of its owner or owners.

Steelworker ['sti:l wз:kәr]

людина, яка працює з металом

A steelworker is a person who works in a plant that manufactures steel or works with steel.

painter [ peintәr]


A painter is a person who paints, either as an artist or worker.

top of the heap (figurative meaning) [tɒp әv ðәhi:p]

найвища посада

= a position superior to everyone else.

to melt away [ melt ә'wei]


These town blues are melting away.

Facts and fiction

nicest [naisest]


nice - nicer - the nicest

connecting [kә'nektiη]


l have to catch a connecting bus.

Spontaneity [,spɒntә'neiiti]

спонтанність, стихійність

1. The quality or condition of being spontaneous.

2. Spontaneous behavior, impulse, or movement.


Каліфорнійський державний університет Фуллертон

California State University, Fullerton

sheer [ ʃіәr]

чистий, легкий

Her singing was a sheer delight.

to blossom [ blɒsәm]


The child blossomed into a beauty.

to head [hed]


We headed toward town.

to reunite ['ri:jui'nait]


Eventually the family was reunited.

to depend [di'pend]


Children must depend on their parents.

to stroll [strәʊl]


He strolled along the street.

florescent [fbɔ'rɛsәnt]


Spring is the exact time when the florescent period begins.

to cherish [ tʃeriʃ]


He genuinely loved and cherished his children.

to wander [ wɒndәr]

тинятися, прогулюватися

We spent the morning wandering round the old town.

hassle [”hæsl]

перепона, труднощі, морока

l don't think it's worth the money or the hassle.

to linger ['lіηgәr]

затримуватися, замешкатися

He lingered for weeks in a coma.

disbelief [disbә'li:f]

недовіра, заперечення

She stared at him in disbelief.

ride [raid]

поїздка (підвозити)

Would you give me a ride?

violent [vaiәlәnt]


He has a violent temper.

bout [baʊt]


l was suffering with a bout of nerves.

poisoning [‘pɔizniη]


The actor died of poisoning.

hostel [’hɒstәl]

готель, хостел, гуртожиток

She spent two years living in a hostel, with no possessions.

to collapse [kә'læps]

падати, обрушуватися

The bridge collapsed during the storm.

dorm room ['dɔ:m ru:m]

кімната в гуртожитку (номер на декілька місць)

A dorm room is a large sleeping room containing several beds.

to shape [ʃeip]


The cook shapes the dough into baguettes.

Words in action

to honor ['onә]

оплачувати, виконувати

We'll honour our agreement.

passage ['pæsidӡ]

рейс, прохід

Only medical supply trucks were granted safe passage through enemy territory.

stopover ['stɒpәʊvә']

транзитна зупинка

The Sunday flights will make a stopover in Paris.

transfer [ trænsfәr]


The train broke down and passengers were transferred to a bus

disabled [dis'eibld]

недієздатна людина, інвалід

l saw a disabled soldier.

Medicare ['med ,ikeәr]

державна програма обслуговування престарілих

a U.S. government program of medical insurance for aged or disabled persons

fare inspector [fɛәr in spektәr]


A fare inspector checks the tickets.

proof [pru:f]

доказ, підтвердження

Do you have any proof of this?

eligibility [ elidӡә'biliti]


eligibility of a candidate for office

Unit 7 Home and away

Leaning tips

Many of us may fondly recall the song School's Out for Summer and the summer fun that it represented: sunshine, ice cream, and long days at the pool and park. Summer seemed like a time for exploration, for fun, and for giving your brain a break.

These days, our idyllic views of summer have undergone a transformation. Studies have shown that long summer breaks can have a significant impact on learning, and can result in learning loss, which can compound year after year. So, rather than being a time for lolling in the sun, summer should be a time when you are studying English or any other subject you love.

You have learned different strategies how to learn vocabulary. We would advise you to keep on learning in the summer time too. Surf the Internet. On the Internet, you can research a topic you are interested in using a search engine, visit your favourite websites, watch music videos, create your own video and upload it for other people to see, maintain contact with your friends using a social networking site, write your thoughts in a blog, learn what is happening in the world by reading news websites, etc.

Your local school can offer you summer learning options too. Look for language Summer Camp. It can offer a fun and casual environment for children to learn the English language and culture. Activities usually vary by age group and according to the camp's weekly theme. Some activities may include ceramics, music, dance, science experiments, cooking, and field trips.

Still have questions?You can ask your teachers, parents, and friends aboutmore opportunities to learn. Enjoy!


scenery [’si:nri]


what you see around you when you're out in the country

dizzy ['dizi]

викликати запаморочення голови, захоплюючий дух

The view of the canyon can make you dizzy.

dramatic [drә'mætik]

ефектний, вражаючий

dramatic = spectacular

national park [,næʃәnәl pa:k]

національний парк

Are there any national parks in you country?

rapids ['ræpidz]

річні пороги

usually plural cliffsand rapids

cossacks kɒsæks]


Ukrainiankozak, a member of selfgoverning communities (a Turkish word taken to mean "adventurer, freebooter")

Banknote ['bægknәʊt]

грошовий знак, банкнота (паперові гроші)

a five-hryvnia banknote

in circulation [,sзikjʊ'leiʃәn]

в обігу

serving as a medium of exchange

status ['stei tәs, ’stæt әs]


national status

caption ['kæpʃn]

підпис під фото

Look at the photos and their captions.

image ['imidӡ]


You can also search under images.


array [ә'rei]


an array of events

pin [pin]


Use pins to keep the material in place as you work.

needle ['ni:dl]


a small instrument with a sharp point at one end and an eye or hole for thread at the other to make stitches in sewing

egg cartons [eg 'ka:tәn]

коробка для яєць

a box made of cardboard

pagan [peigәn]


pertaining to pagans or their religion.

the Crooked Dance

['krʊkid ,da:ns]

Кривий танець

The Crooked Dance is a popular kind of dance in Western Ukraine.

to attend [ә'tend]


l would be happy to attend Pysanka Festival.

have a sweet tooth

ласунка, ласун

to desire to eat many sweet foods- especially candy and pastries.

riding ['raidiη]

їзда (верхова, на мотоциклі)

My father has been into riding motorcycles since he was 17.

horseback riding ['hɔ:sbæk ,raidiη]

верхова їзда

to ride on the back of a horse

cave [keiv]


You need some important skills to be able to explore caves safely.

bitten by a climbing

bug [bittn bai ә klaimiη bʌg]

мати сильне бажання займатися скелелазінням

What will you do if you have been bitten by a climbing bug?

instructor [in'strʌktәr]

інструктор, учитель, тренер

instruct instructor

helmet ['helmit]


a metal, leather covering to protect the head. Soldiers wear helmets when fighting.

campfire [kæmpfaiә]

табірне багаття

l miss sitting at a campfire and chatting,

to join [dӡɔin]

записатися, брати участь

Join a master class in chocolate making!

hayivka [ha'iivka]


Hayivka is a spring dance performed in Ukraine.



Ecotourism is a form of tourism involving visiting fragile and relatively undisturbed natural areas.

Ukrainian embroidery (Ukrainian: Вишивка, Vyshyvka) occupies an important place among the various branches of Ukrainian decorative arts. Embroidery has a rich history in Ukraine, and has long appeared in Ukrainian folk dress as well as played a part in traditional Ukrainian weddings and other celebrations. Appearing all across the country, Ukrainian embroidery varies depending on the region of origin.

From Poltava, Kyiv, and Chernihiv in the east, to Volyn and Polissia in the northwest, to Bukovyna, and the Hutsul area in the southwest, the designs have a long history which defines its ornamental motifs and compositions, as well as its favorite choice of colors and types of stitches.

Everyday English

holiday [’hɒlәdei]


There's no school today, it's a public holiday.

zone [zәun]


time zones

chaos [’keiɒs]

хаос, безлад

When everything goes wrong at the same time, there's chaos.

to delay [di'lei]


If there's bad weather, flights are often delayed.

by the way [,bai ðә 'wei]

між іншим

By the way, we are going to the USA this summer.

rest area ['rest eәriә]

зона відпочинку

If you need a break during your trip, you can go to a rest area.

exit [ eksit]

транспортна розв'язка

If you're traveling through Louisiana, and need some delicious, hot food in a family friendly atmosphere, take Exit 40 and go south!

dinner ['dinә]


the biggest meal of the day. For most Americans that's the same as supper, though some people have their big meal at lunch time and so call that dinner.

over easy [ ,aәuvәr ’i:zi]

яєчня - портмоне або яєчня в торбинці

eggs cooked on both sides

sunny side up [ sʌni said ʌp]

яєчня - глазунья

Would you like your eggs over easy or sunny side up?

motel [mәʊ' tel]

готель, мотель

A motel is an establishment that provides lodging for motorists in rooms usually having direct access to an open parking area.

hotline [’hɒtjain]

гаряча лінія

Our hotline works 24/7/365.

Get Fit!

camp [kæmp]


a group of buildings or tents

survey [sз:vei]

опитування, дослідження

We are doing a survey of the literature on the subject.


gadget [ gædӡit]

прилад, пристрій

She wants a handy gadget for slicing vegetables.

to bob [bɒb]

виловлювати ротом (з води)

At the party we bobbed for apples.

chubby bunnies ['tʃʌbі ’bʌnіz]

щокаті зайчики (наби

вати рот зефіром)

stork [stɔ:k]


Storks are large, long-legged, longnecked wading birds.

Facts and fiction

couple [ kʌpI]


There are a couple of police officers standing guard.

suspicious [sәs'piʃәs]

сумнівний, підозрілий

Paul was a suspicious man.

war [wɔ:r]


The larger army will win the war.

to shoot down [ʃu:t 'daʊn]


to shoot down = to bring down (an aircraft, for example) by hitting and damaging with gunfire or a missile

Ministry of Foreign

Affairs ['ministri әv fɒrin ә'fɛәz]

Міністерство закордонних справ

Every hour of every day, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs promotes the interests of the country abroad.

actually ['æktjʊәli]

фактично, взагалі-то

She didn't actually see the accident.




a disturbingly large number

to stumble [ stʌmbl]


I stumbled across this book today in a shop.

exhibition [ eksi'biʃәn]


Our exhibition of award-winning photos is shown worldwide in 100 cities.

spoiled [spɔilt]


This meat is spoiled.

to recall [ri'kɔ:l]


I can't recall exactly what we agreed.

cautious [kɔ:ʃәs]


She used to trust everyone but she's more cautious now.

guard [ga:d]

охоронець, кондуктор

There was a guard with the prisoner every hour of the day.

Protection [prә'tekʃәn]

захисне обладнання, кріплення

Riot shields acted as protection against the attack.

reasonable [ riiznәbl]

недорогий, помірний, доступний

We saw the bracelets at reasonable prices.

to regret [ri'gret]


We regret any inconvenience caused by the delay.

Words in action

to hold [hәuld] crayons ['kreiәns]

проводити, тримати олівці, кольорова крейда

The meeting will be held next week.

to collaborate [kә'læbәreit]


He and his brother collaborated on a book about aeroplanes

energizer ['enәdӡaizәr]


The Energizer is an activity that can be run to warm up the team and promote group interaction.

sandplay [ sænd plei]

гра з піском

Відвідайте наш новий сайт - Матеріали для Нової української школи - планування, розробки уроків, дидактичні та методичні матеріали, підручники та зошити